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  1. Where in the world is the 10th Region headed??? This past Saturday, Bishop Brossart beat Campbell County by 12. I was at the game, and to be honest, it did not even feel that close. GRC is the reigning regional champs with the presumptive best player in the region in Kennedy Igo. They are the kings of the region until someone knocks them out. Campbell Co hosted GRC last night and came out with an extremely impressive 7pt win. So if you believe in the the standard equation here... On paper... Brossart (13-1) handled the team (CC, 9-4) who beat GRC (7-5). Does that make Brossart in the driver's seat for Region 10? Is this region simply a 3-team race? Can small school, Paris (12-1), actually contend for the region? Others? From my angle, the loss of their top shooter and 2nd leading scorer, Lily Cropenbaker, from Brossart, to an ACL injury, is MAJOR NEWS. I could be wrong, but I firmly believe that this loss will catch up to Brossart. Scott High has played an extremely difficult schedule thus far. But they are yet to rack up enough Ws to look like a contender. The loss of their star player, Mya Meredith (ACL), is not an easy pill to swallow, especially with the brutal schedule they have. But they have the athleticism to break out at any moment. Coincidentally, they host Bishop Brossart tomorrow night. With an upset win, they could flip the narrative on their whole season. Paris High has answered nearly every challenge they have faced. They are currently 2nd in the RPI rankings with impressive wins over Nicholas County, Pendleton County, MoCo, and Mason. Their only L came on the road by 10 vs Bourbon Co. Needless to say, they have not faced the premier teams in the 10th, but again, they stand at 12-1, not to be taken lightly. I. Love. It. The 10th Region honestly feels WIDE open. To me, it feels like there are three teams at the top, but roughly 6 or so who could actually take it all given the right run. Love to hear your thoughts!
  2. Mya Meredith from Scott (formerly Newport) sustained an ACL tear in the first quarter of the Highlands game.
  3. Very nice win for the lady Stangs! I might be late to the news here, but I noticed Lily Cropenbaker has been out of the box score the last few games. Any word on what's up there?
  4. From my understanding, the Lady Eagles didn't have a senior touch the floor that night. They have one in the program, Alyeah Howard, and she sat out due to a rolled ankle.
  5. As the 2019 calendar year comes to a close, how do y'all see the 10th shaking out? Obviously, the biggest earthquake was Mya Meredith from Scott (probably the best player in the region) going down to an ACL tear. But after a rocky first few weeks against a ridiculous opening schedule for the Lady Eagles, they seem to have started righting the ship with a 4th quarter battle with 8th region contender, Anderson County, followed by two nice victories. GRC has also been through a gauntlet of a schedule, but still boast several weapons and the pedestal of being the reigning champs. Campbell, Brossart, Paris, Nicholas and Bourbon have all posted very impressive records against respectable competition. By default I would still peg GRC as the team to beat, but with 8 weeks to go, this region seems fairly up for grabs. I haven't gotten to see everyone play yet, but we should learn quite a bit in the next 2-3 weeks about this region, particularly the hierarchy of the daunting 37th district. Starting to heat up!!
  6. Ryle still has the highest ceiling, but I agree -- Connor and Dixie have looked far better than I anticipated, especially without Reinhart and without a 100% Lawson. When Lawson gets back to 100% cardio, Dixie could be a real tough out. On a really really Dark Horse level... I don't think it'll be this year, but I don't think Boone County is as far back in the pack as some might think. I don't see them as a contender this year, but I think they're continuing to make strides and with only one Senior this year... they could be primed for a big 2020/21 season. I think if everyone is healthy at the end of the year, the region ends the same as last year: Ryle over Dixie. But health could play a big factor over the next 8 weeks or so...
  7. Personally, I think they're nicest win was against top 10 GRC. No excuses on that one, and GRC at full strength is much better than Ryle without Scherr or Dixie.
  8. I don't think that's much of an issue. Nobody seems to be diminishing their ability this year.
  9. Grace Bezold is a nice player. I dont know about top 10 in the area, but she's a nice player.
  10. I think this game would have looked a little different if Maddie Lawson was in full game shape. At this point she can only go 2-3 minutes at a time before getting gassed. But even still, she would not have made a 34 point difference. This SK is for real.
  11. First off -- disclaimer, I'm not an SK guy... But SK looked like one of the most physical HS teams I've seen in a long time. Their top 6 aren't wildly athletic or particularly quick-footed (outside of perhaps Maggi Jones) but they are so are extremely powerful. Tonight they pulled offensive rebound after offensive rebound, and bucket in the paint after bucket in the paint. Jones hit at least five 3pt shots from the perimeter which helped open the middle quite a bit. Don't get it twisted, GRC didn't look "bad" by any stretch. They just didn't have the firepower or the physicality to matchup with the SKLPs. From my angle, there are only three types of teams who have a shot against SK... 1) An extremely athletic, high tempo team who can neutralize SK's backcourt. Something like a Scott High (when healthy -- I know Mya Meredith's injury could change things). 2) An extremely big, powerful team who can even the odds in the frontcourt. Something like Connor (although to be honest, I don't think Connor's backcourt can handle SK's backcourt of Jones and Schawe). 3) An extremely balanced team who can just beat SK straight up, like a Sacred Heart. Just my two cents.
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