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  1. Luke Murray would take a pay cut.
  2. What ate their credentials?
  3. More technology, less traditional instruction
  4. What does Traverse City have to offer? Any recommendations on golf courses, lodging, reetraraunts, placed of interest?
  5. Worst year ever for fouls committed on 3 point shooters in final seconds with game on the line.
  6. Wish his team's would win more nat. champ. With that said I'm glad we have him.
  7. Are there any good fishing spots in nku to catch keeper bluegill and crappie?
  8. Dave Faust St. Henry. Not blessed with great talent but does a solid job.
  9. You are close to St. Joe's in Camp Springs. They have shrimp great hush puppies.
  10. I don't think people have the passion about sports they once had. Also shows in football attendance and participation.
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