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  1. I had no idea the kids at Central didn’t want to play for their Coach. Wow. I thought they liked him.
  2. Exactly my point. He tried his hand at UK, it didn’t work out. Let him go somewhere he would be more appreciated and valued. Cal has plenty of Khalil Whitneys hanging around or begging to come in next year. He’ll essentially sit out a semester and probably be eligible. Cal will bring in another 5 star next year....win win for everyone. Why is UK fans somehow taking this move as some personal attack on Cal or the program. It happens everywhere.
  3. This is no one’s fault and there’s no one to blame. The kid thought he could come in and get playing time at the highest of levels. It didn’t work out for him. Times have changed, he didn’t want to have to wait til his Jr season to see lots of playing time. Let him go on to a coach who maybe sees more value in him where he can play. WHO wants to just be on the team and not play. Best decision for all involved I think.
  4. Kids want to play. There’s no millennial non work blah blah thing going on. Theses kids work hard and they want to play. Basketball is not like football where you might get 35 or so kids some playing time. There’s only so many that can get playing time on the court. The kid took his chances at a dream school, it didn’t work out. Let him go somewhere where the Coach might let him play more. Win win for everyone, it’s not rocket science.
  5. JH’s success is predicated on pressuring the ball and creating turnovers. E’town has really good guard play and most importantly they attack after breaking the press. There is great familiarity between the kids and coaching staffs, so there is no element of surprise. If I’m not mistaken, McCurry played for Haire at Etown. It has always been difficult for JH to win at Etown, I’m not suggesting cheating or anything, it’s a difficult place for them to play. Most home teams tend to get a better whistle. This was JH’s 5th game in 8 days. I think the region goes through these 2 teams still.
  6. Bowen was next level when he left. He could flat out play; don't know what he's like now but when he left he was a baller. This will be scary for the state.
  7. I automatically thought that we all assumed this. JH was never head and shoulders above the state, they were just undefeated. I don't want to shower on Etown's parade because they deserve alot of credit for the win; but I just don't see this as this huge upset. Maybe it's because I'm familiar with this rivalry.
  8. You’re from Hardin County I assume, so you know this is not an upset; nonetheless it is a great win for the kids at Etown.
  9. If you’re a John Hardin fan you already know this, but for those not familiar with this rivalry; this is no upset. It is very difficult to win at that gym for various reasons. Always has been for JH. Good win Etown.
  10. Love it. Lots of basketball to be played though. Good luck to all. That Etown and JH game coming up is gonna be massive.
  11. I'm from Lincoln; very familiar with Oxford. Haven't lived there in a while though.
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