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  1. Depends on the beach, clear calm warm water like St Maarten, I'm all beach. The typical Atlantic beach with waves and rough water, I will take the pool overlooking the beach.
  2. Onion Rings and Greyhound Tavern to be specific.
  3. Share good local places you have found! We found a small local Mexican place in Erlanger. El Ocho Loco. Food was good, service was quick and accurate. Would try again.
  4. Holy Cross has had similar signs in Latonia on Winston for the 2012 Football and 2015 Girls Basketball teams for years. Strange that this took 10+ years for this.
  5. To the true Cov Cath fan seeing the school win with top talent is a great thing, however to the select families that have had kids grow up dreaming of wearing the blue and white, it is disappointment. I can remember over 10 years ago siting in the stand on Saturday mornings for the eight grade league watching dads counting spots on the roster for the coming high school years. In some cases they must decide to still attend the school they dreamed of or go elsewhere and play. This is not a new situation, as on a smaller scale this has gone on for years. The Intramural League at Cov Cath has more talent than many smaller schools.
  6. Went with Ninja foodie it is a crock pot + air fryer love it, use it almost every day.
  7. Sheldon

    My Son

    I have lived in the Special Olympics world for over 6 years now. My son is now 22 years old and has many friends that are autistic both verbal & non verbal, FMD, Downs etc. For the most part they all accept each other and help each other out with their disabilities. We still have the fear of someone taking advantage of special needs children, mine works at Kroger plays 6 different sports. It gets better. Your approach is not uncommon, necklace/braclet is the most used by the young athletes that are non verbal.
  8. He touched countless lives in his years of coaching many different sports. My hours watching practices and games there will never be forgotten. Obituary of Fred Hayden Terry | Chambers & Grubbs Funeral Home | Se...
  9. The NKY Giants won their second consecutive Special Olympics State 3A Softball Championship in Bowling Green last week. The highest level of competition. They beat the Pitt Cubs 16-1 and 12-6 in the final series. The team ranges in age from 22 to 57. Great athletes that do it for the love of the game. The Roster: Bobby Rice Abe Rice Degary Burbridge Mike Rapper Josh Smith Matthew Uhl Jude Zilliox Ronnie Todd Doug Morland Charleston Thompson Shawn Ross Daniel Hewitt
  10. 1968 Dodge Valiant, Old Gas & Electric Car with the spot light outside the drivers window.
  11. Gutheries for me but the newest one in Fort Wright is inferior to the others (Mineola & Burlington) always BBQ sauce with the chicken.
  12. Sweet Baby Ray's Original or Sweet Baby Ray's Honey.
  13. I would have agreed on Joe B's but, having Impellizzeri's twice in the last 6 weeks has created a dead heat to me and nothing else is even close. I will be visiting both for Special Olympic events in the next month. Can't wait.
  14. After we discussed favorite dipping sauces, who has your favorite bread sticks? I'm in NKY but my favorites are Impellizzeri's (Louisville)and Joe Bolognas (Lexington).
  15. Visited last week in Florence, I stopped ordering Big Boys due to their shrinking size. I ordered a Super Big Boy which is now my go to sandwich. They brought me a regular Big Boy bun with with regular Big Boy patties smashed to a larger diameter to appear larger. I sent it back, they are making it hard for me to keep visiting. Just curious, I am near 60 and rarely see you people eating there. Any of the younger crowd like Frisch's?
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