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  1. Confirmed on Twitter. Adam Heidrich, the most recent DC at Lloyd has moved on to coach Defensive Line at MSJ.
  2. Has anyone heard anything? I am hearing some things but I don’t know how true. Rumor has it that the DC who applied for the job will be moving on at the college level.
  3. I have heard that their most current DC has applied. Took over for Dale a season ago.
  4. I haven't been able to dig up anybody who has put their name in. I would assume you would see some of the guys who applied for the Scott opening and then a few guys currently on staff or in the building, middle school coaches, so on and so forth.
  5. I was told that the announcement will be made mid-late next week. No official candidate has been selected.
  6. One of my good friends is an assistant coach in the area and one of his focal points is not asking a player to do something he isn’t willing to do in terms of effort, discipline etc. A coach should always give it 100%. Even if they have mailed it in, they must remain loyal and strong for their players.
  7. I think those last two may be the same guy.
  8. Will it motivate every single player? Possibly not. I think it is a message for the folks who are skipping out on the weight room and plan to come out in June expecting a large role in my opinion. I definitely understand where you are coming from as well.
  9. What about the coaches that follow through on their word and would put a star player there?
  10. I don't think it is a red flag. I think it is more of a culture thing. Simply stating that this is the place where people who don't meet their program demands will be. Motivation perhaps.
  11. Got off to a rocky start in regards to source reporting but I can confirm that the final round of interviews took place on Saturday. This means we should hear something relatively soon but don’t be surprised if it stretches until the candidate is confirmed by SBDM.
  12. From the looks of the blueprint, he will have top notch facilities to work with. I’ve never met Coach Chappell but I have heard good things about him.
  13. I know he has been serving as Carroll County’s head coach since the 2016 season.
  14. Can a mod please delete this. Was not trying to kick up dust. Obviously we now know it is not true. Post #46
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