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  1. He will be attending the Regional in Nashville in May. It is an invite only, so I am sure the space at each regional is limited. Not sure of the exact number per event.
  2. Not the same. The one the Cov Cath QB is the regional invitation and will compete against all other QBs in the nation for a chance to compete in the Elite 11 National finals. The camp is instructional and invites are sent to class of 2022 and under. Both are great recognition of talent. Awesome job Chase
  3. Great throw and catch, Jacob stood tall and took the hit, and Big Mike making a great run after the catch. Big play in the game.
  4. They actually did have a very close personal relationship and have remained good friends since then. A great article with the facts not exactly right, but overall a good read.
  5. Only time will tell, but I have a feeling Mayer will have a much more successful college career at ND as well as an NFL career. We will only be able to compare them truly in about 5 years.
  6. With Cov Cath graduating so many of their lineman last year, one that stands out (IMO) for the Colonels is Ben Dickhaus. He has really stepped up and will be a name you will hear more in the post season and next year.
  7. For all the fans that wanted to put it all on the Cov Cath’s Sophomore QBs shoulders, well you got it. Highlands loaded the box to shut down McGinness, and left it up to the passing game. He connected with Mayer for the first TD, only to open the running game. He threw 1 pick at the end of the 1st half that meant nothing. After that they threw and ran at will. The Birds had a great season. Great kids on both sides of the ball. Love the games, not so much the adults that bash the kids and teams. Just my opinion.
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