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  1. I am thoroughly impressed that You remember Billy at O Catholic! Catlett from Christian was a good pick. There was a Kid from Owensboro that a lot of people forget, Chuck Riley, CB (Owensboro) a great three sport athlete (FB,BasketBall, and BaseBall) I personally think he was as good if not better than Brown from O Catholic. Don't know how far back but what about Houston Hogg (Daviess county, they may have him listed at Hazard, don't know) and Dicky Moore (Owensboro)?
  2. I never said that. I said out of the 4 teams I listed, OC was the only team still competitive. 2 wins in the last 3 meetings, how could I not call that competitive?
  3. One win apiece in over 10+ seasons. Yes, that competitive.:stop: I guess you see the series of Bowling Green against Owensboro competitive also (since Owensboro won in the playoffs)?:no:
  4. Don't know if Ashland has seen the type of pressure that Owensboro can put on you when they press. Their quickness is the kind that you don't see often. And they have quickness and speed throughout the line up. I don't know anything about Ashland; them being in the tournament says something for them, but this is one of the better teams in the state whether they have the accolades or not. They aren't Arkansas under Nolan Richardson but they are pretty good. If you don't know, I'm taking the Devils. Now Ashland can blow them out since I've Jinxed them.
  5. The toughest game in on the schedule is Evansville Central. Okay, there is the possibility that OHS will be 12-0 going into the regional finals and not having been tested. IMO every year 13-1 and getting blasted by Bowling Green, South Warren or even Christian County. You need to find a way to get teams on the schedule that will test you. I don't see any team on this schedule that will test the Devils other than Central. The fans may be happy and Coach Fallin can add to his wins total but how many championships are you bringing home? You tell me. Might have to dump traditional rivals (OC, DC, Apollo and Henderson) looking to have a tougher schedule. Over the last few years, Owensboro has been better than those teams with only Catholic being competitive. Bowling Green should still be there and you could add a team from Louisville, Lexington, NKY, South Warren, or Mayfield. Get your team better, be competitive during the playoffs.
  6. I agree. Always wondering which Owensboro team is going to show up. But when they play, they are competitive. Hopefully, they won't bow out in the first round of district play.
  7. Apollo played them close for a half, but Owensboro woke up and decided to play the way they were capable and Apollo could not keep up. The devil's speed, quickness and athleticism was too much for Apollo.
  8. It would have been crazy with Charlie Finley in Louisville! Would have been great.
  9. If you saw the Owensbor/Mcclean County game, you'd have dropped them. Not that the Cougars aren't a scrappy squad, but after watching OHS dismantle Bosse you would have been scratching your head wondering what the deal was . As I said earlier, it all depends on what Red Devil team shows up.
  10. If the Owensoro team that played Bosse shows up, Breck should get ready for a wild ride. I haven't seen the tigers play, but I firmly believe that there are few teams in the region that can match OHS's quickness and overall speed. Coach Drake could do the Arkansas thing and give an opponent 48 minutes of he(double hockey sticks). Their press can be stifling; and if they learn how to really play it, they would be the team to beat in the region bar none. Owensboro's bigs can get up and down the floor too. Jaiden Greathouse is quickly becoming a star in his own right. A continuously running motor and a no matter what's going on, "hustle" attitude is something that opposing teams have to deal with whether they want to or not. With that there's Brennan Williams, Tyran Hayden, and several taller juniors and sophomores waiting for a chance to play and impress the coach. Guard play for the devils may be their strong suit. Does Breck have the players to deal with this? How many players does Breck rotate during the course of a game? Might want to put more players in the rotation. Should be a fun game to watch.:up:
  11. The number 13 team, 19-12. They must play a killer schedule to have a record like that and be ranked as high as they are.
  12. My prayers go out to you and you family.
  13. If everything remains the same the 29th will determine who the number one team in the region is. Do you think Breck can handle Owensboro's quickness, speed and pressure (when they press)? I haven't seen Breck, but I do know that Owensboro can put some size on the court if they need too. And Ohs's bigs can move pretty well. What are your thoughts?
  14. Been awhile since I've seen Warren Central play (I think maybe 2 years ago). They were very athletic, just didn't have the numbers. I hope they pick it up and become competitive again.
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