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  1. I will never understand why you wouldn't!!!! A tragedy and nightmare! Bless those parents in this time of great sorrow!
  2. Reason being the TEAM that he plays for!! Come on Uphill, man up. You seem to be a little to defensive about this and a lot to negative about Beechwood.:ohbrother:
  3. I thought that is what I said!:confused::ylsuper:
  4. The girls program is the issue here. They are just not ready to compete. Don't count out the Beechwood parents getting involved in this though. This AD is a lot more proactive about all sports than the former one was. Football is no longer the only sport at Beechwood. The success they have had on the baseball field has only proved that success is possible in other sports. I would hate to think Beechwood could lose a good coach, Rick Schumate, by deciding to not take the next step to improve there Basketball program by staying in DIII in its present set-up.
  5. NKYBOY how far back and how many threads did you have to research to find 3 posts by 2 members to "prove" your point?
  6. I agree about the girls, but to make all DIII teams more competitive in the region, why play each other 2x. The other divisions don't.
  7. Amen!!! I'm just waiting for an explanation from NKYBOY!:confused:
  8. Yes they are required to as part of Div III and yes it does hurt them. I just want to know where on here Beechwood fans are complaining about lack of respect. Most Tiger fans know that DivIII does not help them be competitive. NKYBOY I'm respectfully calling you out on you saying the Beechies are complaining!!
  9. I think the Beechwood fans are aware of this. They have been a very fast learn on a very foreign subject. Thanks for your support VOR.
  10. The voting in Div III has been personal for years and years.:isurrender:
  11. Did you say river? Like Ohio River? I think you got that right!!! Petty, Petty , PETTY!!!!:madman:
  12. So are you saying Catholics don't need to study the Bible? Just Asking>>
  13. Don't forget Ludlow's girls, I'm pretty sure Aaron Stamm wishes his girls weren't tied into the 2x rule. The other divisions of NKAC do not require it! Why Not? Baseball does not require it. Maybe one of the public small schools would have a chance in the All A region if they played a better schedules. Beechwood plays the big schools from 7th grade up they aren't telling their kids to set low goals. They take their lumps but they are trying to improve. Only the future will tell.
  14. ...but when do Catholics study the Bible? I like the St. Theresa idea...
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