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  1. I use the paper for (1) The Sunday crossword puzzle and (2) to help get the fire pit going. The papers are what they are. Not much to them Anymore and not worth the price in my opinion.
  2. You truly believe there should’ve been 56 fouls called in this game? I’m sure I’ve seen about 1/10th percent of games that others on here have, but to me, the casual observer it seemed to much. It was physical but nothing in my opinion that should’ve necessitated 56 fouls and three players fouling out.
  3. I came late and ended up behind the PA guy. Total fouls for the game were 56. Highlands missed 20 FTs according to their stay guy. Couldn’t tell me how many NewCath missed but it was slit as well. Didn’t think the game was physical enough to have that many fouls called but it was aggressive and entertaining through 3 quarters
  4. Sorry for the late update. I went from 204lbs to 203lbs (1/11/19-1/18/19). A pound a week is my goal. This week has been a struggle. Worked 12 hours Saturday, Sunday and Monday and 10 today (early call in). With lack of sleep comes poor eating habits, done easily enough when you’re getting free food. Didn’t get to run Saturday morning or today bc of busy schedule. I’ll hit the weights tomorrow Thursday and Friday. I’ll run tomorrow and Thursday and Saturday. Looking for 202lbs Friday morning but not holding my breath.
  5. Zero affiliation to either school. Leave what happened in DC away from basketball.
  6. Weighed in at 204 last Friday morning. Looking for 203 tomorrow, but my wife’s bday was Monday and this lousy weather lead to a lousy attitude on my eating. I ran last night around two miles (2 minute run hard, 1 minute power walk) and ran around 3 miles in the mist after work (3 minutes run, one minute walk). My goal is a pound a week while eating around 1700 calories a day (high protein, moderate fat and carbs mostly from greens). I am getting stronger, Just need the will power to stay off the Saratoga chips at the cafeteria. I SKIPPED my full body workout Monday do to the birthday activity, but did lift yesterday, this morning and will do legs and shoulders tomorrow morning.
  7. Last Friday I was at 207 not 204 as I had said previously. Was 204 this morning. Three pounds lost and I’m getting stronger. Third straight Friday with no alcohol. Did squats, dead lifts, lunges, calf raises and shoulders this morning. If the sidewalks are clear I am going to go 1.5-2 miles tomorrow morning.
  8. Weigh in day is tomorrow. Was 204 last Friday. Hoping for 202 but will except 203. Lifted arms this morning and will do a 2 mile run when I get home from work or (hopefully not) tonight after the kids get to bed).
  9. Legs are very sore from the previous days sprints. This morning I did my chest and back workout. Tonight I’ll do some sort of an routine before I go to bed. I try to do a different ab routine 4-5 days a week
  10. Yesterday did my home full body workout during the football game. Today I did 10 30 yard sprints on my street. Street is pretty decent incline. My son ran with me and my 6 year old daughter timed us. Legs are sore
  11. Last night lifted in the basement bc I assumed my alarm was set for yesterday morning. Decent workout but not what I could get at the gym. This morning did 2.0 miles run walk.
  12. My Routine has been Monday evening (at my house) full body workout. Just two sets to failure of one excercise per muscle. Wednesday is chest/back Thursday is arms and Friday is Legs/shoulders. On Tuesdays I run/walk 2.0 miles pretty flat. Thursday is 2.5 miles run/walk with one huge hill and Saturday mornings I do 3.0 miles run/walk flat. Idea behind run/walk is to get my heart rate up and then bring it back down (sort of high intensity) plus it keeps me from dreading a blah distance run.
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