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  1. They're undefeated and beat DeSales the previous week who beat the "#1" Team?
  2. So if “CAL kept rolling” why did they drop in the rankings?
  3. Not counting them out, but when they only have wins against JTown, Eastern, and Seneca we might want to pump the brakes a little bit before crowning them champs.
  4. Trinity beats Seneca and here we are talking about them winning the whole thing.
  5. Oh wow, I must have missed that. Hate that for the kid.
  6. Worst officiated game I’ve seen in 15 years. This is the play discussed above. Whistle clearly blows. Twitter
  7. Plenty of schools wanted him until they realized the baggage that came along with him. As well as entrance exams to many of the private schools were an issue - that is all I will say on that.
  8. Bingo. More shopping going on than a teenage girl with her daddy’s Amex
  9. Certain individuals associated with him. Among other things. Just a combination of too many red flags as far as I know.
  10. As well as KCD and CAL to my knowledge. Agree with your comment about more concerns than reason. Kid has a lot of baggage.
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