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  1. Very entertaining game to watch with both sides showcasing some explosive athletes. Cville has mixed up their offense throughout the year but it is clear that their personnel thrives in the spread. Congrats to Russellville for finding a way to win and it's back to work for cville as they will have the task of replacing a senior group who has brought them back to relevancy in Class A
  2. Having young and cubit cures several issues for cville on both sides of the ball. But, crucial TURNOVERS and missed opportunities were the story in this one for Cville. Great job to Bethlehem for doing what they needed to do to win. Much tougher playoff road for cville now!
  3. With a win or loss over Bethelem, cville would play Fulton Co. Or Fulton city who have a 1-14 combined record in the first round. If they run into Russellville in round 2 I would agree with your statement. However, I think they beat Bethelem, win two playoff games, and avoid Russellville until round 3.
  4. Central wins their 6th straight after dropping their first two games. They are playing well and are firmly in the hunt in 3A as they approach a time in the season where nobody likes seeing the black ans gold as an opponent.
  5. Adair is a very good football team but I feel speed of the game will increase drastically for them Friday as they haven't been tested by anyone that compares to Etown. I hope Adair can pull out the W, but I think ultimately Etown is too much for them and wins in a close one ----- 28-21
  6. Mercer's record is deceiving because the quality of the opponents they have played. They are the best team in this district and I also look for them to complete the sweep.
  7. Cville picks up the pieces from an embarrassing loss @ Danville and beats Bethlehem for the district title 24-6. Too many athletes on both sides of the ball for Bethlehem to handle.
  8. So you're really going to compare Green Co. and Belfry....That my friend is hilarious!! Blowitup put it in a better context. And I'm not saying Green is bad at what they do, but depending on Matney to break away 5-6 times a game is a little unrealistic because other than him they have no real threats.
  9. I'm picking Glasgow in this one although something tells me this will be a extremely close one @ Green Co. Green is too 1-deminsional on offense and Glasgow has several talented players.
  10. The Desales/Mayfield argument is tough one. I would favor Mayfield based on a OT loss by less pts. but that's just my opinion. Danville should be #3 . Their only loss coming to the #1 team in Class 3A who many have as a favorite to win it all (Boyle Co.). Serious contender in the East
  11. Will not be a contest. I realize district schedules are set and non-district is done way in advance, but outside of Frankfort (who lost Washington) Paris has a very weak schedule. The hounds are very talented and the success of this season is well deserved, but the lack of competition could prove costly as early as round 2 in the playoffs IMO
  12. Danville is a clear favorite in this one. With or without the injuries, Danville is a real contender for a 2A state title and just too much for Campbellsville this year.
  13. This could be a trap game for the Indians. I feel they are by far the better team in this matchup. But, coming off a big road win and E-town looming after the bye week there is the possibility. That being said, I think this group is mature enough not to look ahead and get the job done this Friday.
  14. I also believe there is a fine line to be aware of. I do feel that playing better competition ultimately prepares a team for those regional final games and beyond. However, I absolutely agree that you have to be mindful of the makeup of your team and the stage of your program. I think a nice balance of tough/competitive games mixed with some games in which your the clear favorite are the best to allow your players to be in pressure situations and building an atmosphere of winning every Friday night.
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