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  1. Edmonson did turn the ball over a couple times. Hart played well and kept playing.
  2. Truth... Chad Griffin has been hired. A fresh face to Hart County. Boone won more games than anyone at Hart. I think Griffin has a better shot than Boone down the road. Hopefully he can get the numbers out Boone could not. What's the word on Coach Griffin?
  3. No... Not certain on what the administration is waiting on. Didnt think Boone would be that hard to replace, everybody thought they had a better plan than him!
  4. I don't think anyone on the staff is returning from what I understand.
  5. Should do away with 3 and 4 making the playoffs. Play 10 games in 10 weeks and give teams that make the playoffs a week off week 11.
  6. Have seen both Etown and Caldwell play. Caldwell does not have an answer for Etowns backs.
  7. Surprising 7 to 7 at the end of the first, but Caldwell rolled off 36 in second quarter. ETown is a better team than Caldwell.
  8. Its a problem when you are 0-10 and still get to travel 3 hours and get your brains beat in. Or another example would be like my Raiders. They have been through a lot this year and finished the season 6-4 which is a respectable record for them. They even "won in" as their district is 5 teams, however, they have no business going to Caldwell Co and taking what they are about to get. 4 seeds can not compete with the 1s.
  9. Our system is broken. Let's do 1 seed gets a by for being district champs and 2-3 play each other.
  10. Just another reason the current playoff system is broken. Hart county has had one of their better seasons they have had in a while. Just let them finish 6-4, which is a huge turn around from 2-8. Now they will finish the season with a loss. It's hard to build momentum.
  11. Is there any talk of changing the playoff system or the current classification system?
  12. Good game by 22 of Edmonson he played hard and carried that team. Hart still struggling on offense.
  13. I think the Raiders have the better team, but it is so hard to win at Edmonson County. Even ETown had 150 yards of penalties there.
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