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  1. Male. traditionally keeps talent, strong alumni base, and players stay eligible
  2. NKU is going to need Carson Williams to have a "Larry Bird like" game to win.
  3. This was UL's only bad loss of the season. That's why before this they were still in the running for a #1 seed. Everyone else was ranked. Losses to: Virginia (2), Baylor, UNC, FSU, Notre Dame, and now Wake. I think UK should move ahead for now. UofL still has plenty of time to improve their resume'/ranking with Notre Dame next, and the ACC tourney.
  4. Worst played all star game ever. It wasn't even a good pickup game. Maybe because I played ball. They used to at least try to play defense halfway. Kevin Hart could've gotten 20 tonight. It's been going that way the past few years. Next year a team will have 200 points (all uncontested). Should be some level of competition. It's a glorified layup line out there.
  5. I was wondering if others were noticing. Though he doesn't turn it over, Q dribbles so much that the offense gets stagnant. Right now the offense looks better. They're moving the ball quicker, and with mitchell pushing the pace they're up the court faster as well. Defensively they're better as well, as q struggles to contain any oppossing pg. However to answer your question, yes they need Q. I just hope that they're showing him the difference on film. If he comes back and Rick makes him get the ball moving quickly like they're doing now, we'll be great going forward. They need him, but him going out (and seeing the difference without him) and returning may have been a blessing in disguise. Reveals a weakness (holding the ball) that I hope Rick notices. This should help exponentially going forward into tourney time. Hicks developing more while q was out helped as well.
  6. Sloan left before Gatewood decided to leave. Sloan's departure probably encouraged Gatewood to pursue other options. He was loading up on other transfers and young talent (a couple of higher rated 8th graders not from TC originally) to come to Taylor County. Moore would've been his home school (where his brother went and played a few years ago, and Sloan actually played for them as an 8th grader while Gatewood was there while he was at Moore's middle school). He wanted to come home for his last year, but wanted to go to a good bball school, so he chose Ballard. Sloan had never transferred previously in High School as it seems people are alluding to. He simply left with Gatewood immediately after middle school. TC is the only hs that he's been at. So he probably figured he'd have his pick moving back home when he's never been in high school there before. I would've assumed that he'd have been eligible. He could've picked his school coming out of middle school, and could've if he'd have come from out of state, so why not now? I'm with PP on this. It's unfortunate for the kid. Especially when you have a well known player in the same city play for one of the top teams in the state after Christmas, and then decide to transfer to another school in the same region (and city) and actually be ruled eligible to play by the KHSAA by the district tourney in the very same season? It's crazy.
  7. I agree. May actually be a toss up for 2nd. I'm hearing rumblings that Sloan may be ruled ineligible by KHSAA. Heard a couple of weeks ago, so may not be true since I haven't seen anything in the paper about it.
  8. 6-7 including bowl game (3-5 SEC)
  9. 12-2 (counting bowl and ACC championship game. Think they win 1 of clemson or fsu games)
  10. Most of the recruiting services will rank on college potential and not as high school players. Example. Quentin Snider was higher rated high school player, and was the best player in the state, but Raymond Spalding has more NBA potential. McNeil Definitely isn't the 32nd best high school player (much higher), but may not be as high when ranking for the next level than some other bigger or more athletic players.
  11. Didn't know you meant a shoe circuit specifically. You said AAU, so that's a broad statement. Most kids in AAU aren't good enough to play on shoe circuits. Understand your point now.
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