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  1. Thought it was a decent night for the Rebs, had the lead and just let it slip away towards the end. Tonight makes 23 nights that Casey has been without a home game, and I'm starting to see the effect it's having on them. Hoping that this week they can string together 2 home wins against Taylor and Lincoln to close out the regular season. Danville is a pretty good team, they're athletic and shot the ball exceptionally well in the first half. I expect them to win their district game against Boyle and move into the regional tournament.
  2. Danville or Garrard, maybe both, will make the region tourney this year.
  3. I dig the Briar Patch! I pity the team that has to deal with that pep section! Those kids bring it!
  4. Southwestern had a full roster tonight from what I was told. Casey has been playing much better as of late. Offensively they are as solid a team in the 12th, defense and depth is what they lack. Personally I think the region is wide open, there are about 8 teams that could beat the other on any given night. No clear cut favorite.
  5. Casey currently resting on a 6-13 record. This time last season Casey was sitting on a 7-13 record and finished regional runner up. Deja-vu??
  6. Same to y'all! Who knows, stars may align and we'll meet back up in regions! Either way, glad Casey and Boyle finally got a regular season game scheduled!
  7. Was a fun game to watch, thought Casey played a pretty good 3 and a half quarters of ball and just couldn't finish. Boyle did a great job at sticking around and making free throws when they needed them most.
  8. Yeah, they've just had trouble stringing together 4 quarters of good ball this season. Nothing new for em though, usually catch their stride towards the end of the season, and I'm ok with that.
  9. Defense was better last night 16th, you woulda been proud! Lol
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