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  1. She should just run track, or play tennis, or golf, bowling, and no one would care about the transfer or shove it all over BGP......:idunno:
  2. Kayla Reigler: St. Henry 1A (4x400 and 4x800) and Mikayla Reichert: Highlands 2AA (Shot Put and Discus) are the only NKY Double State Champs, helping their teams to a runner-up state title. Congrats to both!! Below is article with all the other NKY state individual champs as well. Grand finale: Two local seniors were double-winners at state track and field championships | NKyTribune
  3. Don't complain too much that it was cool, at least it wasn't drenched. Region 4 2AA had a down pour, miserable evening in Falmouth, Ky. Highlands took Region Championship in both men's and 3Peat for women's programs. Congrats to the Lady Raiders on their 3Peat!!. Looks like 50% chance of Rain for state for all Classes, Good Luck!!
  4. Mikayla Reichert committed last night to UK throws coach Andrew Ninow and Head Coach Edrick Floreal. Mikayla is a 2X indoor 2AA KTCCCA State Shot Put Champ, Ky Indoor State Record holder in the Weight Throw at 45'10", New Balance Indoor Qualifier and placed 30th out of the top 50 in the US. Currently leads all divisions A-AAA in Ky for Discus at 127'8" (New Balance Outdoor National Qualifying Mark) and has the leading throw in 2A Shot Put at 38'.05". Mikayla is perusing a degree in the Dietetics program with an emphasis towards Pre-Med. Mikayla is very excited to be a part of the current #1 women's program in the US and can't wait to start her Collegiate career. She will be competing this summer in New Balance Natioanls, AAU, and USATF meets across the US. The team is losing 1 Sr Veteran (holds the current Discus and Hammer UK records and is an All-American) They will continue to be very competitive and strong in her Freshman year. Her focus will be training and competing next year in all the throwing events except javelin, but emphasis in the Weight, Hammer, and Discus. Proud coach, dad, and family of her success and continued success in her future. Regions and State are on the 20th and 27th of this month. Sr. Night is tonight at Highlands HS Track/Soccer Field, RedDog meet starts at 5 pm.
  5. Highlands Boys and Girls throw crew!! #1 Ky 2AA Shot Putter, Tyler Robinson with a season best 49'7" and all Ky Divisions leader #1 Discus, Mikayla Reichert with a season best 123'7". Drew Bravard rounding the top 8 in the Discus and Larken Laur top 10 in Discus.
  6. Shout out to my Highlands HS throwers for winning both boys and girls Shot Put and Discus. Mikayla Reichert was a double winner and broke a 17 yrs old Discus record at 119'11", and is currently #1 2AA thrower in the state. Tyler Robinson threw a massive PR of 49'7", Currently #1 2AA shot putter in the state. Drew Bravard Winning the Discus with a 139'11", #5 2AA in the state. I also had a 4th place finisher in the boys shot with Jack Jagger hitting 42'5", #11 in 2AA in the state and MC Redden taking 3rd in the shot and 4th in the Discus, both PRs and #11 in 2AA in the state. Way to go Birds!!
  7. Big Congrats, Way to go Jay!! Good luck the rest of the season and at Western Carolina.
  8. I agree and disagree. Agree: Because not all HS meets have KHSAA officials, hence bad marks are always seen but nothing done. Especially for throwing, 5 feet more or less, if anyone out in the field is paying attention (volunteer coaches, parents, kids). I've even seen a Discus skip and the mark was on the second skip?, Not all implants are weighed at these meets either. Which is an issue for girls, because they have the 8 lbs for MS, but 8.8 for HS, I see girls try and sneak an 8lbs in once in a while or they just don't know and their coaches tell them to throw that one. Add in wind added runs to the mix. Many other non regulated situations that don't account situations to be "fair" under the rules and guidelines. Even Sector lines not correct. Disagree: Because there are some outstanding performances, like the one mentioned above, that are legit and should be recognized. Also, the day of the State meet could be an absolute terrible rainy, crappy day, and performances are not up to par to peak in those conditions. Those are my 2 cents from a lifetime track guy.
  9. Below are the official National and State records that also require to be done at the state meet in Kentucky. Some other states, like Ohio, do not do this, but Ky does. She did an awesome job and could push that National record by next year!! Way to go on the all-time #1 so early in the season. Event 35 Girls Pole Vault National 14-02.75 2011 Morgan LeLeux-Louisiana State 12-00.00 2014 Morgan McIntyre - Fairview 3A 11-09.00 2011 Megan Zimlich - Ballard 2A 11-06.00 2015 Dascha Hix - Fort Campbell 1A 12-00.00 2014 Morgan McIntyre - Fairview
  10. Technically, state records can only broken at the state meet in Kentucky, however it is an all time #1. Awesome job!
  11. That's what happened last year. I girl in Tennessee showed up at the regional AAU championship, got a bye, because she went to NB and qualified. I think they will work with you on it, if you plan ahead and let them know. I would get confirmation. For some reason I can't hit the like on your comments?, but "Like" to everyone, and thank you! And no, not decided yet. Has narrowed it down to 3-5, close to home, but just got another call from a D1 school out west that saw her weight mark. It's been interesting and exciting for her. See everyone at the meets! Good luck this season to all....
  12. Thanks!! Mik has done AAU for the past 2 years, this year its in Huston. We are looking to switch to USATF and New Balance, Hersey sound interesting, since they do the Hammer. Its a tough decision, and have to look at schedule because some are so close to her leaving for college in August. Good luck to your son!! If you're at a meet we are at, come say hi!
  13. After only 3 months of training in the Weight throw, only doing turns with no throws expect at competitions due to facilities, Mikayla Reichert of Highlands HS threw 44'3 1/2 on a 1 turn power throw at the New Balance Indoor Nationals. She placed 30th overall out of 43 registered to compete. She had her first throw hit left sector foul at 50' that would have been top 15. Mikayla is currently the all time record holder of the weight at 45'10, first girl to ever throw over 40' and 45'0 in the state of Kentucky. It was an honor to be invited and qualify for this event, it was an amazing experience!! Mikayla ended up ranked 57th overall in the US and 31st amongst Sr. out of 1000s of girls who throw this event nationwide. Very proud, considering most have thrown this event for more than 2 to 4 years throughout their careers. The weight throw is not a sanctioned event by KHSAA, but many states throughout have it as part of their state championships. Hopefully one day it will be adopted so that many girls can experience another event that could potentially get them to the next level of their college careers. She is also a back to back Indoor KTCCCA 2AA State Champion in the shot put. Looing forward to outdoor season starting this week at Walton Verona and moving towards the KHSAA 2AA State Championship. Her goal is to make it to the New Balance Outdoor Nationals in North Carolina in June for Shot, Discus, and Hammer as well at the JR USATF Nationals in Oregon and AAU Jr Nationals in Huston, Texas. Special thanks to KTCCCA for their New Balance travel sponsorship program. Mikayla appreciated it more than you will know.
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