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  1. Havent been completely tuned in so just saw this - i'll be the first to congratulate you ladies (especially the four 9th region 1rst teamers) - even if its a couple months late. Good job and well deserved!
  2. A little different angle... Michael Aytes - This is a video of what really happened in... | Facebook
  3. Academy FAQ I guess if I would have kept reading I would have answered my questions. It's good to hear that FC Cincinnati sponsors the girls DA program by providing significant financial support. 9. How does the U.S. Soccer Development Academy’s 10-month season affect FCC youth team players? U.S. Soccer requires all players who are members of the teams who play in U.S. Soccer’s Development Academy to play a 10-month seasons with their club team. In most cases this means players are not able to play high school soccer. There are exceptions for scholarship students at private schools, so if players are in that situation, they should seek advice from the FCC Academy staff. 14. Will FC Cincinnati field a Girls DA team? We firmly believe FC Cincinnati has an obligation to raise the standard of all soccer in our region, regardless of gender. FC Cincinnati currently provides significant financial support to Cincinnati DA, the local girls’ entry in U.S. Soccer’s Girls Development Academy. We sponsor the program as we currently do not have any girls’ teams or a women’s professional entry.
  4. FC Cincinnati to Launch Youth Development & Academy Initiatives This Fall I can't tell from the press release if this is only for boys soccer only but considering the constant restructuring of girls youth soccer you have to ask if anyone knows what (if any) effect the implementation of the FC Cincinnati club soccer "system" will have on the current girls soccer scene? “The FC Cincinnati Academy will not be a new club in the area, but rather a next step for the very best players in our region who have the potential to play professionally for our first team,” Luke Sassano, FC Cincinnati Technical Director, said. “As we begin to identify elite youth players in the Greater Cincinnati area, we have such enormous respect for all of the current youth clubs and organizations for their long-time efforts to grow interest and ability in soccer at all levels over the last several decades.” It is a very nice gig if you make the cut... "As with almost every MLS Academy, all of the FC Cincinnati Academy players’ expenses related to soccer competition will be covered by the club, meaning players and their families will not be asked to pay any annual fees or be charged any money to play for FCC. All of the players’ needs – including equipment, uniforms, facilities and team travel to and from competitions – will be paid for by the club." I wonder if these kids will be required to forfeit their high school soccer experience.
  5. Good win for Highlands - not sure what has happened to Manual. They were ranked #1 last week and then went 0-3-1.
  6. Players are too tired to keep playing in a post-season game a weak reason to go to a skills competition to decide who plays on or wins a title.
  7. Steal a page out of hockey's post-season book. Start triple OT 9v9. Then each team remove 2 additional players and switch sides every 10 minutes. Someone will eventually score.
  8. Bad calls happen even in big games - you have to accept that and move on. Life's not always fair is great lesson to learn at an early age.
  9. Congrats to NDA and good luck tomorrow. Great season.
  10. I think I heard 7th straight via the NDA twitter feed
  11. Or take a few players off the field and play 7 on 7. Kinda like hockey.
  12. She'd play at Turners on Friday and then in the catholic school league Saturday morning. Never could figure out why she would pick 3 quick fouls in her Saturday morning games.
  13. Yeah - I saw some interesting things down there and I guess I didn't really answer the question at hand - we knew what we were getting into so it didn't really bother me. I think I saw 2 people actually kicked out of the gym area in the 5 years or so we have been going there. Younger girls play Sunday afternoons - much different atmosphere than Friday nights.
  14. I agree - Al is also a member of another team and either instinct/duty kicked in and/or he just couldn't allow himself to not stand with hand on heart. The media is trying re-define the meaning and significance of the ceremonial singing of the National Anthem and respect for the American Flag and folks like Al have their own definition and are not buying it.
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