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  1. I have had the pleasure of seeing both of these guys play since middle school. Obviously great players that have the "it factor" I'm definitely curious to see how Robinson fares against bigger stronger competition. No doubt he is a great player but a part of me wishes he transferred to Trinity and we would be able to see his ability against better competition. There's no way you can equate what Robinson did against the teams he played to Dennis. Garrett played so many positions for Male just like Robinson. He did all of this work with pretty much one season at QB. It's been argued he should have played QB his entire jr year but he did all of this without coming off a great junior season.
  2. I get what you're saying because football is a single elimination sport. 5A definitely has some great teams at the top and those battles will be exciting I'm sure. I'm still going to take the top 3 in 6A as H, T, and X in any particular order over any other top 3. A Central or a Manual or Cov Cath or BG can compete year in and year out with those top 6A teams and usually can dominate a game with the 5+ ranked 6A teams. Those top three are flagship programs for the state for a reason. How long before the dead horse gets beaten in this thread about too many classes? Let me start because 5 classes would solve a lot of this and we wouldn't have to drop to 4.
  3. Many JCPS offer ROTC now. In fact Seneca and Fern Creek are national programs with major awards. JCPS enrollment stays in the news. To get in to Male you have to get your kid in the Traditional Magnet in elementary or middle school before 8th grade. I could see families wanting their kid going to a certain high school but you pretty much have to go to the right elementary for that to happen.
  4. Thanks for the clarification and it makes what Coach Wolfe and his staff are doing at Male that much more incredible.
  5. The NFL is consistent. Unless they have undeniable proof they will go with what makes the most money.
  6. Male has had a waiting list and in the past was able to pull kids from outside the 3 traditional middle schools. The last few years there haven't been any players on the football team not from JCTMS or Barret or Johnson. Not too sure about other sports. So while other teams like the Privates and Manual (district magnet) have the ability to get kids in from the JCPS traditional magnet schools, Male can't pull kids from outside. Maybe somebody closer to the program knows can chime in. My close connection graduated and I'm not too sure about the current makeup.
  7. A healthy Male is the best team because a banged up Male beat the best teams to win the highest class.
  8. Great to see public teams win. A true credit to their coaches and administration for these teams to have continued success
  9. Frakes calls him Superman but Garrett Dennis is one of the best high school football players I’ve seen and the leader of a special group of seniors. They fought through injury after injury to accomplish their goal. Dominating Bulldog D. Who knew Scott County would have to pass to be successful? Covington can play.
  10. Much respect for the catholic school dominance of 6A especially the Rocks but this game has nothing to do with Trinity or St. X. Interesting or not.
  11. These two teams have played each other in JV the past two seasons. Both coaches had to believe this game was coming.
  12. Is there a live stream? Hate I am missing this one!
  13. St. X has won how many in a row? This was a competitive series but lately X has had Male's number. I think Male wins but it won't be easy. Could definitely see X win again. H - 20 X - 14
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