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  1. Who ya with just enjoy holding that "L". And I can assure you that my football resume compared to yours is like the Perry vs Smith matchup. Extremely One Sided !
  2. If help is on the way, you're admitting there is a need for it Lol. I can say this about Perry vs Smith 4 and 0. And that isn't a biased opinion or chatter on a website, that's fact! And you can put as much lipstick as you'd like to on that pig, it is still a pig!! If you can't beat LC how in the heck do you expect to ever get to Bowling Green to win one. And let's talk about grooming young kids, look at what LexCath replaced from its team from 2015. 3 Senior OL, 2 RB's, all 4 starting WR, and QB. Then on Defense we replaced key starters on that side too, not to mention two of the starters from this season to surgery in game 1. So just hold this "L" and keep trying to convince the great folks in Danville that the calvary is coming. When you've lost 7 out of the last 8 matchups my hopes were that you would've gotten the message by now. So those 20 min lectures in the rain after the game don't change anything. Perry Owns Chuck and everybody watching these games over the last few years knows it
  3. Well this is what we all expected from this matchup. It amazes me how high the hopes are every year for my friends in black and gold only to be let down again and again. When Chuck Smith was hired there was this excitement that your program would rule the district every single year. Only to now be a four time loser to the Knights of LC. I keep waiting for their fans to hold him fully responsible. A couple of years ago you blamed the coordinator and never called him out. His lack of adjustments are evident. The Rebels have become easily predictable on both sides of the ball and you guys remain silent? It's okay to be this quiet if you are content with being average, but the amount of posts and chatter I see you think you'd demand more. And you are asking for a rematch? Why?
  4. If you look at my track record and the fact that I know most of the people that this site makes threads about, you'll never doubt
  5. Like I said that guy lost everything with me when he couldn't even name the coaches. I stick with my statement about him as a coach in KY. I'd love to see him @ PLD
  6. You named schools and individuals. And yes I still stand by what I said. I know the head coaches of those schools and I can't agree with your list as a whole.
  7. Hope this is a joke. In my opinion you can't name 10 coaches better in the state of KY.
  8. I was a little shocked they left JJ Ogbogu off the first and second team.
  9. I just saw the list for the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd teams. Please keep it classy, they are just student athletes.
  10. It would be a two day event @ EKU I'm rewarding champions from the year before so please give it a chance. First game of the year for all participants and a chance to help bulk up your out of district schedule. Friday night 7:30 PM Kickoff Pikeville vs Mayfield Saturday Afternoon 4:15 PM Kickoff Belfry vs South Warren Saturday Night 7:45 PM Kickoff Bowling Green vs Male These matchups would answer a lot of what if's for high school football lovers. Great excuse to travel for all parties. Huge fan following for all participants so they will do their best at packing the stadium and hotels. Plus that Saturday slate of games will allow the entire state to make it out to the game if they are able. Get my friends @ Prepspin to live stream it and put a portion of the proceeds to great charity and I think this or something close to this could actually work. - LEX
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