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  1. Could have been worse. Ryle had no answers for the Cooper team speed. They swarm on defense and really crash the glass both offensively and defensively. Cooper is gonna be really tough to beat. Haven't seen Cov Cath yet can't wait for that game!
  2. Yes all games at BOKC. The girls games are played later. I believe at 6 and 7:30 are their start times.
  3. Friday 3/6 Dixie vs Boone @ 6:30 NCC vs Holmes @ 8:00 Saturday 3/7 CCh vs Newport @ 12:00 pm Cooper vs St. Henry @ 1:30 Monday 3/9 CCH/Newport winner vs Cooper/St. Henry @6:30 NCC/Holmes winner vs Dixie/Boone @ 8:00 Tuesday 3/10 Championship game @ 7
  4. It has been confirmed. CCH at noon followed by Cooper vs St. Henry at 1:30
  5. Girls are later. I think they are 6 and 7:30 start times. This is confirmed for boys times.
  6. Tonight's games are cancelled. Games will be played on Saturday Cov Cath at noon followed by Cooper vs St. Henry at 1:30.
  7. The key lies in how well the front court duo of Jon Liechty and Colin Hathorn play. Guard play has been consistent all year with the trio of McNeil, Dante Hendrix, and Adam Kunkel, with senior Pat Dragan emerging with McNeil out with an injury. Hathorn and Dickerson are the front court with Phillips coming off the bench. Hendrix, McNeil and Liechty are the backcourt with Kunkel and Dragan coming off the bench. I do agree with you about the front court duo being the key. If Hathorn and Dickerson stay out of foul trouble they are very good together. They both rebound very well and contest shots. Both can score if needed to. Hathorn is a bruiser on the inside. Dickerson can step outside and hit shots and is active on the glass for put backs. The kid doesn't force anything seems to just play his role. The return of McNeil and Dickerson makes this a very dangerous team. Should be a great tournament!
  8. It won't be shortly! Should have a nice crowd tonight. Looking forward to a good game!
  9. My pick is Cooper. I think defense will win out tonight. McNeil and Dickerson are back and played well the other night. I just think Cooper is a better all around team. I do think that if Junior has a huge night they will win. Either way this should be a great game! 2 excellent teams!
  10. Cooper vs Boone for the 33rd district championship. Who wins and why?
  11. Cooper plays Conner tonight at Cooper in a 33rd district battle. Who wins and why?
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