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  1. Silver groves senior night was cancelled against Villa, but all 5 seniors were honored against Calvary Christian Monday night during the first round of the 37th district.
  2. Congratulations to Senior Billy Miller from Silver Grove, to be the fourth player to reach 1000 points this season for the trains! Joining Christian Pollitt, Anthony Turcios, and Randy Kuntz. They take on the Scott Eagles Wednesday at 6pm @ Campbell Co. Middle School.
  3. Points leader for SG Anthony turcios 18 Billy miller 17 Randy kuntz 12 Christian Pollitt 10
  4. Good win for Ludlow, but big night for billy miller 15points 7 rebounds 7 blocks! Great stats
  5. They was only down 4 going into the 4th quarter, game was a lot closer than final says. Unfortunately only have 30 males in the highschool doesn't give you a wide variety of players.. There 9 players ran out of glass toward the end.
  6. Big night by guard Billy Miller 18 pts 13 rebounds ton of block shots... Keep on rolling ! Game wasn't close, silver grove coach is old school didn't let the team score it up.
  7. Still got silver grove at 16 after there close game against #7 brossart? Wow I'm wondering how many of you guys go off the name?
  8. That's good defense and randy also had 7 turnovers can't be sloppy and a solid PG!
  9. Big win tonight in Silver Grove, Nice game by Junior guard Randy Kuntz putting up 19 points.
  10. Predictions for Bellevue @ Silver Grove December 12th
  11. Shots weren't falling for either team through the first half.
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