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  1. I only bring him up for perspective because JOAT likes to hammer on the current coach and a lot of people are tired of it and ready to move on with the program under the new leadership. My point has been made and it will not be brought up again.
  2. Glad you like them. I find them very entertaining, so here are some more for you. *Your buddy had zero winning seasons as head coach. *His teams scored a total of 85 goals in 3 seasons. *His teams allowed a total of 123 goals in 3 seasons. I guess you and his other Dad friends must see these stats through rose colored glasses if you consider his tenure a success.
  3. What was the greatest comeback you have personally seen in high school football? Please provide details.
  4. I only stir things up in the soccer thread, and then, only to get your GOAT, JOAT. I can't resist. It is so easy to do since you have your little axe to grind on that forum.
  5. No thanks necessary. Contrary to the belief of some, it was meant as a compliment. I have the greatest respect for what Highlands has done and the fantastic reputation it has helped create for Kentucky football. I was asked what rebound meant. In my mind, this is what Highlands should aspire to and what I hope it will achieve. I hope they become that team that the Cincinnati schools have to think twice about scheduling.
  6. Joat, here is what I know. They played well enough to pull out a 2-0 win and even their record at 6-6 for the season. I also know that the current coach now has an overall record of 18-15-1 for a winning percentage of 53%, while his predecessor, your buddy, Tommy, was 19-28-9 for winning total of just 33%. Playing his and your favorites didn't work out so well did it? So how about you tell me how great your bestie was again. Pass that popcorn this way, Pal.
  7. By rebound, I mean being able to compete with any team in any class in any state.
  8. The Birds are now 6-6, roughly half way through the season. Does anyone have a first hand account of last evenings game?
  9. So you would have preferred a 5-0 or more game and have them extend the field and attack more? Sure it may not have been the most beautiful game to watch, but a 1-0 game is always within reach. You know how this game works, at any moment an over-matched team can snatch victory or a draw from the jaws of certain defeat. If they are down 5-0 in the 2nd half, that would be painful to watch, in my opinion. What formation do the Birds run, by the way? It seems to me that 6 back is not that unusual if you are running a 4-3-3, 4-4-2 or even 3-4-3. Play to your strength and based on the strengths of your opponent.
  10. Ok, back to the game. So it looks like the HHS girls played very well, especially on defense, losing only 1-0. Especially if compared to the last coach's record against Sacred Heart, 0-2, by a combined score of 10-0, it would seem like a vast improvement.
  11. Ok, JOAT. Since you called me out on the last thread before it got closed, I am going to respond here. I agree that taking one season of Mr. Kearns's time at the helm may have been unfair. So let's look at all 3 years, shall we? His 3 year combined record was 19-28-9. That is a winning percentage of 33% This while having some real talent to work with, even some "all district or all region" players, as you have pointed out. So, what do you miss about him so much?
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