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  1. Saw WC beat a very good Center Grove team Friday. They are loaded everywhere and should win this game. Center Grove runs the Wing-T and they average 6'4" 300 lbs up front and WC pushed them around most of the night.
  2. You mean foul him on every possession and not have it called. Yes, they did that very well.
  3. Saw Oldham County wipe the floor with John Hardin a few weeks back. They are the real deal. Any team that beats them has my respect.
  4. My standards are too high I guess. It also helped that Grant County hit 13 three-pointers and JH hit zero. Any word on if Witherspoon will even play this year.
  5. Grant County was in this game until the 4th quarter. I thought JH would look better than they did, but a win is a win.
  6. They will need Witherspoon at some point. I still think they'll beat both of those teams.
  7. Thanks Dognation2. That's a shame. Hopefully he comes back.
  8. I didn't see Witherspoon's name in the box score. Is he even on the team?
  9. Not sold on John Hardin yet with their revolving QBs, but I think they will pull this one off.
  10. For once I am going to be positive and go with John Hardin. I am hoping their athletes can make up for substandard line play on both sides of the ball and a very average QB.
  11. John Hardin is a pathetic mess of a football team right now. Daviess County wins even if half their starters are suspended.
  12. I hope so. Its a very winnable game. I've grown to love the Wing-T offense so I kind of wish we would have stuck to that.
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