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  1. Right, and at least they have time to change courses. I don't disagree with Coach's decision. And it's better to hear this now than to hear later that he doesn't fit their system.
  2. I get your point. Every kid who dreams of playing at UK or UofL don't have div 1 talent though. These kids obviously do have that type of talent. Recruiting is long and extremely stressful to all involved. When a kid commits; there is a relief like non other. To have that taken away at the last minute is very difficult. I understand why Coach did it; but that must suck for those kids who dreamed of playing at Louisville.
  3. It still sucks though. Maybe some of these kids were life long Cards fans. Maybe this was their dream school. That's a difficult situation.
  4. Recruiting is one of the most cut throat businesses there is. No one can really be trusted; it is the nature of the beast. Most of us really don't want to know what REALLY goes on with our beloved football teams. This stuff happens all the time.
  5. 40 voters left Tua off their ballot altogether. 27 left Kyler off altogether as well. These people should not vote at all for the Heisman trophy.
  6. They're all deserving; there are almost 1000 Heisman voters. Most are homers or school affiliated in some form or another. What you deem as important may not be the same as the other voter. The general consensus among the voters that came out publicly before the Championship games is that they were waiting on that weekend to vote. So then it's easy to conclude that Kyler won because he played better on that weekend. Doesn't seem fair though when one team plays the number 4 team with a top 15 defense while the other two play.....well you know
  7. Not so much Heisman fatigue; just Bama fatigue all together. You are spot on about Ok's Heisman success. it seems like just plug and play. If you marry that with a conference that cares nothing about defense....well you get these numbers. Hard to argue against it though; stats don't lie and Kyler's stats are great.
  8. Please say this louder for the people in the back.
  9. Yet his stats against top 50 defenses in the country go something like this: - 300+ yds/ game - 66 completion % - 17 TD/ 4 INT - 4 Total rushing yards people can spin stats to aid their viewpoint always. The fact is accurate: he didn't play well but his competition on this night compared to Kyler and Haskins wasn't close. Kyler played against a 3 loss team; and Haskins played against a team that loss to Akron.
  10. There is real Alabama fatigue in college football. Tua opened himself up to losing the Heisman trophy against Georgia. That being said; Kyler's toughest defenses were Army, TCU, and Iowa State. I shutter to think what Bama and Tua would do against those defenses.
  11. Tua lost the Heisman trophy because on the deciding night of voting he played against the 13th ranked defense in football; while Haskins played the 62nd ranked defense and Murray went against the 68th ranked defense. I wouldn't have had a problem with Murray, Haskins, or Tua winning. I think they all had deserving seasons. But the above is the reason that Tua lost.
  12. Yes sir, John Hardin will be a problem this year. Balanced scoring and actually better defensively. I'm looking for big things from this group.
  13. Nick Saban did have an edge with the additional time off. His secret was he had numerous additional people on his "analytical staff." He still does; but most other big named schools also have "analyst" on staff. So there is no more true edge. I know it's hard for Oklahoma and Utah fans to understand this; but no one wanted to play in a meaningless sugar bowl game.
  14. No power 5 team wants to play UCF, Boise St, Fresno State, Sisters of the south, etc. in a meaningless bowl game. It is a lose, lose situation. NFL hopefuls, if they decided to play, will go through the motions to avoid injury. And the rest of the team will just be happy to not be in class and lay up in a hotel for a couple of days. UCF will win this game rather easily, and they still will not be a top ten team.
  15. I like him a lot. I think this is what Louisville needs right now. There's not a lot of fan fare and hype behind the hire. I think this gives him a chance to come in with the right assistants and get it done. Like someone earlier said; it may not be a home run but it is a really good hire IMO.
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