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  1. I also don't see any NCC fans claiming to be "the best" anything, let alone the best defense after beating two teams who historically struggle to even have a winning season. Congrats to HC- you've won two games and have some good players. Asking why Team A gets more juice than us comes off like an inferiority complex.
  2. You're ready to make this declaration after beating Holmes and Walton-Verona. Incredible.
  3. Except you said "...they lose to everyone with a pulse." So yes, I get what you said- but apparently that's not what you meant to say.
  4. So you are basing this years ranking on last years results- awesome. While talking about last year, I guess it's worth noting that the teams they lost to ended up @ 56-21 overall (though I confess that I couldn't find Sycamores final results.) many of which made deep playoff runs in their respective State tournaments. I stand by my (sarcastic) assertion that you made a brilliant post based on the fact that clearly, the teams they lost to last year did indeed have a pulse. This year is TBD- but I don't think I'd be going out on a limb by saying Ryle also has a pulse.
  5. And from a distance, I can still hear, "...is Richie gonna play tonight?" Sheesh.
  6. Bingo- touting a wide receiver as one of the key reasons you will win while at the same time getting demolished in a 7v7 (where all you do is pass obviously) against a team that is still TBD doesn't add up for Cooper. Who is going to throw it to this kid? I say Highlands by two touchdowns.
  7. Kudos to Highlands for getting this scrimmage. My thoughts would be just to stay healthy.
  8. I would ask: - Are participation numbers dropping? - Is there stability in the assistant coaching staff? - What is the experience of the young men? Are they "on board"? - How are the young men stacking up in the classroom and in the school? - Are they developing leaders? - Is there a feeder program and if so, are they nurturing it? If these answers are all positive, then IMO, the program is in good hands.
  9. Didn't attend but heard it was Cov Cath pretty decisively.
  10. I just can't put Cooper as high as they have them in that link considering they are still looking for(or developing) a QB. I like the kids and they have talent- but not that high IMO
  11. Didn't see it but heard it was Cov Cath pretty decisively.
  12. That's a conspiracy theory that doesn't fly. That schedule was made well before Wirth had an inkling of leaving. There's no truth to making it this tough just to make the next coach "look bad."
  13. Are you really saying that last years schedule wasn't "nearly as tough as previous years?" That's incredibly silly IMO. As for this year- substitute Oak Hills for Cincy St X ( which is obviously a much better matchup) and the rest of the schedule is (I believe) the same- so still very tough. I think they have the skill players and Mayer will improve a lot from last year which is great news. The story will come down to the line play on both sides. Find the right formula and I see 7 wins. If the injury bug hits I see possibly a .500 season- but still at least in the top four in NKy behind Ryle and Highlands (got to beat them before I can predict otherwise)- and someone needs to convince me that SK will keep the bus rolling. I've seen what they've had coming up through the ranks and I don't see them leaps and bounds better than CCH this year at all.
  14. He was at Gray MS- so going to CCH from there raised no issues
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