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  1. If I could triple like this post, I would. Thank you CWB!
  2. You must be watching Fox News, because every media site that I have seen to this point clearly identifies that the Cowboys to a knee "before" the National Anthem was played, and stop with interlocked arms during. Not Fake News. Stop stealing #45 words..:lol:
  3. And in my opinion, so is a draft dodger who calls them foul names.
  4. Sure there is. They gave him a gun and a badge and it empowered him to shoot before thinking. I am a supporter of LEO, but this is not one of them.
  5. He used to be Jag! Love this kid and the family. Have a great healthy season Little McGinnis
  6. As much as I hate Duke, I couldn't turn that down either. You know that kid has dreamed of playing on the BIG stage, and that just may come true.
  7. Wow! I am dead wrong then. Who is this kid? I see now.... Goldwire, a 3 star PG. I didn't know Duke went after 3 star players. He just hit the lottery with all of the departures from Duke. They seem desperate now. I hope the kid gets a chance to hit floor in Durham.
  8. No totally sure, but I highly doubt duke "stole" a recruit from EKU. I could see it going the other way though. That's like saying Alabama football stole a recruit from EKU. When has that ever happened??
  9. Do you listen to yourself when you speak? You are making a negative assumption of how you hope or think others would respond if he had been killed by LEO. It's fine, it didn't happen, and we are moving on.
  10. I don't think anyone in their right mind, would blame the LEO if they were to have taken his life. Not a good thread to stir that pot on.
  11. And I'm sure they will try to blame the officials for that as well.
  12. Yes, but you can also go back to the tipped shot that was not tipped as a game changer to keep it close. Zags hit a 3 from that missed call.
  13. Killing me Smalls! Maye...a "Role" player, did what he needed too against UK. Right now he's looking at that damn NCAA Championship trophy, and knowing the work he has to put in on the off season for next year. Unlike Fox, Monk and maybe another who will be gone next year. UK better refill again, and I'm sure they will.
  14. I don't slander. Trust me. I know! Now go to bed with the vision of Laettner and Maye shutting down your your Cats. And the Heels holding that trophy up tonight!
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