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  1. No tale of the tape available at West. I know the CF didn't turn around.
  2. My vote would be the Ponies and the girls teams would be called the My little Ponies
  3. If this game ends in a shutout, would that be goose eggs in the region finals, semi finals, and the finals for JC foes?
  4. Belfry didn't throw a pass and you didn't say anything about it. Just wondering. Enjoy other people's perspectives.
  5. Is Matney the only coach in the finals that has been suspended by the KHSAA?
  6. Another way to look at this, how many KY kids get offers from power 5 schools and don't get offers from UK or UL? I think this would be a better answer to the question.
  7. Not a fan of the week this game is played. But solid win tonight. Glad they replaced Sheldon Clark who replaced Belfry on the schedule. LOL
  8. I thought the reason to drop to a weaker opponent based on talent cycle was what I said. That is just my opinion. I don't have the basis of someone sending word to someone and someone else leaking the message and the someone else telling me. If I had that concrete I wouldn't have stated my opinion. Guess I was lucky and guessed right. Thanks.
  9. Have JC and Belfry rested starters in their final week game the last two years? Would this be similar? I realize they may have better odds but the fact that they tried to hedge whatever odds they had would be similar reasoning.
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