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  1. Because the staff at holy cross that was doing the hiring found someone they liked better?
  2. Holy Cross hopefully will not be over excited by the Newport game. They should take care of business if they stay focused.
  3. I’m thinking we are in complete agreement on his abilities and the level of play of Bellarmine. They would compete in the Horizon.
  4. Weyer has started only 15 games at one of the best D2 schools in the country. He is at the level he should be. Ohmer was a quick fix for Stansbury who was going to be short players for the first part of the year. His minutes since the break have shown that. He was not even recruited D2 and though his grit and ability to score is outstanding he is not a true D1 player IMO. I’ve yet to see Allen play. It appears he has unlimited potential. He will be seen on the AAU circuit and that is where college offers come from with rare exceptions.
  5. Heard the reason for the push for a new coach may have been over playing time or positions for a couple of coaches kids? Will the new coach have to resort to the assistants wishes or will there be another quarterback controversy next year?
  6. Was there an all tournament team? Congrats to the Wildcats.
  7. Good point. Covington Catholic was missing a couple of players and the kids that play football have only been with the team for a week or so.
  8. The Cooper defense is what has been impressing me this year.
  9. Did Holy Cross run out of gas or did it just take Campbell County a while to get into rhythm?
  10. Kramer in at crunch time? I figured he would be getting some good minutes.
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