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  1. Wow... Clark jumps out early. I will say this, they ALWAYS have their inning where they will score the runs. I just wonder if 3 is going to be enough. In my opinion this is, for all intensive purposes, the region championship.
  2. With all of the upsets already taking place in the district play and even the #1 team falling what are some of the predictions for region winners, and after overall state champions.... From scores and seeing them perform I could definitely see West Jessamine taking the whole thing but there is always the Lexington and Louisville schools that, by the statistics, will probably take the title.
  3. I've seen these as well. From what I've heard they are used almost as a stepping stone from a college metal to a true wooden bat. From that discription I would assume they are someone in between.
  4. I just see it as hurting the districts, because often times their two best teams don't make it into the regional becasue they have already had to play eachother.
  5. I'm just curious as to why the Lexington and other districts have not switched over to a seeding method for district play. It seems like every year the #1 and #2 team in that region will play eachother in the first game of district, guaranteeing that one of them won't even make it to regionals, and you leave the potential of a team that has no business being in the regionals make it because they played a team of lesser caliber. I've always thought that playing each team twice a year and going off of the district record to seed a district just made more sense.
  6. I'm surprised to hear that Withrow pitched. I assumed they would let him rest up for districts at the beginning of next week. Where were Clark County's bats?
  7. I've heard this as well... College goes to it next year and High School in 2012. I'm interested to see how much trampoline it takes off of the bats. On a side note I wouldn't mind seing everything go to wood. I was at a wood bat tournament and saw a team go through 4 or 5 wooden bats in 3 games. All this means is that the hitters are not hitting the ball on the barrel where they are supposed to. Bloop hits look just like line drives in the box score so High school hitters will often take that shot of the hands for a bloop hit to keep their "big swing" approach. Wood bats will teach people to hit the right way.
  8. Who pitched for both? Any stats on the game?
  9. The answer is be. As a pitcher you are allowed to jump turn and not throw to second.
  10. I'm not disagreeing, but why should they be placed as the favorite?
  11. Absolutely fantastic game pitched by green county's pitcher... I believe a no hitter... Taking absolutely nothing away from the player but having a pitcher throw 142 pitches is absolutely rediculous. At 13 games into his, I believe freshman season, it really doesn't matter if he has a perfect game going. That's just too many pitches.
  12. A very nice, but SMALL ballpark... only 300 down the lines and 350 in dead center. Not taking anything away from the homeruns, both were well hit balls.
  13. Thought this one might have been a tad bit closer.
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