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  1. PC would be hard to handle if Monroe had just a little more help........
  2. PC was led in scoring by sophmore Manor with 21pts. Anybody have anymore stats on this one?
  3. This will be a tough test for PC I think being at Scott. I think Scott by double figures. The PC era with Cravens officially begins
  4. That is correct, I forgot the semi! My fault, I was shocked by the Pc over Montgomery upset.
  5. It's Pendleton and Brossart in the final. Pc beat Montgomery tonight 4-2
  6. You don't know for a fact anything unless you are on the coaching staff which I highly doubt you are. I cover the whole 10th region girls teams so lets give credit when its due.....she has the fastest feet on the team by far and never really had trouble keeping anybody in front of her. There are a couple other of the younger players who struggle at defense so maybe you are confused.....one is an extremely good ball handler and point guard but is a very weak defender. RPs post ask for help with some of the younger returnees so I am giving a unbiased report on a couple...I can assure you of one thing, other than Jolley she is the strongest player on the team...
  7. Can you not be a really good defender in a zone to? Yes you can be, and typically that results in his or her side or center of the zone being difficult to score on.....or shut down....:ohbrother:
  8. They have some talented sophomores with one being Mckayla Manor(SP?) Shoots very well from just about everywhere on the floor and is a flat out shut down defender....I believe PC will make some noise this season
  9. Most people are aware he wasn't the first or second choice, but its still a good hire IMO....
  10. Sounds like you got it all figured out. I have read your posts and I have come to this conclusion....you had to of been there cause you are so sure of everything....
  11. Congrats and good luck to coach Cravens.. I think it was a great move to keep coaches Sowder, Wirth, and Smith. Belcher will be a huge addition as well.
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