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  1. They also need a new track as if you sit at the start line for the 100m dash, you will notice a small hill leading down the stretch...
  2. Freshmen might be looking good, but their JV only beat Bellevue JV (Primarily ALL Freshmen; QB, RB, WR, WB, C , MLB, OLB, both C, and DT are all freshmen) 12-6. It was Bellevue that lost the game too as they fumbled inside the 10 with about 40 seconds left I the game.
  3. Bellevue should take this one easily, but I thought the smae thing last year. Bellevue won last year, but on a last minute drive. I still take Bellevue by 20.
  4. I completely agree that people are always overlooked in life for doing things. It could be job, school, or whatever. BUT, how can you overlook the state's leading rusher? Not single A, but the entire state. A kid breaks every rushing record at a school, leads the entire state in rushing, and gets no recognition for it at the state level? That's a hard pill to swallow. I understand if he was overlooked if he was 5th in the state, but I cannot see him being overlooked being 1st. Do you think the leading rusher in college football or the NFL would get zero national recognition? I doubt it.
  5. I am really confused by some of the football talk. I cannot talk about the basketball games since I was not there and it is not fair to either side to go off what I have read here. As for the sportsmanship in the football game: Coach Eckstein was not doing anything unsportsman-like by letting the Buckler kid run the ball a few times in the second half. He had no carries in the 4th quarter. I know of no teams/coaches that do not come out of the lockerroom after half and not play their starters on at least the first possession. I can't not remember how many possessions Buckler was in the game in the 2nd half but I do know it wasn't much. The fact that Sullivan got more carries is probably due to the fact that he was the backup runningback. Usually when a starter is taken out the backup comes in. The Bellevue football team could have named the score in that gmae, but Coach Eckstein called off the dogs early in the 2nd half.
  6. I firmly believe that Bellevue has the better overall team this year. They have the experience with I believe 17 seniors. Some big time play makers on offense and defense and most importantly, the confidence. This team has been saying since that loss to BW earlier that they expected to win and that they expect to win this time. This is the difference maker this year, IMO.
  7. Beechwood is a tough team this year, but so is Bellevue. I was at the last game between these two and was impressed by both sides for parts of the game. The mud played such a factor on both sides. Both sides had fumbles and misques. Beechwood obviously limited their's and did not have the center to QB problems that Bellevue had. Although, by my seat, Beechwood never really stopped Bellevue's Offense. Bellevue moved the ball very effectively even in the mud, but made big mistakes at big points. Beechwood only moved the ball on a few plays. I believe if you take these two teams on a dry field, that Bellevue is actually the better team. If they could control the ball in that mud bowl, then the game would have had a different outcome. But everyone can say if to either side of that. I am saying that Bellevue appears to be able to control games at their pace which has keyed victories for them. I think this game will be the same way. Bellevue controls the clock, comes up big on D, and pulls out the upset. I'll take Bellevue 28-18.
  8. Considering they have two offensive lineman that are juniors, 10 might be a little high. The also have a back that is a junior. So by my math that is only 8 starting seniors on offense. Defense, from what I have seen they start a junior at end and the rest are seniors. However, their DT rotate fairly regular with a junior and I beleive even a sophomore getting a bunch of playing time.
  9. Amongst 1A schools Bellevue and Beechwood top a lot of lists. How can they be considered some of the worst? Bellevue has Ricky Buckler leading rusher 2268 yards and tied for leading scorer 200 points. #15 passer in Richard Wills. 4th in team scoring. 8th in points scored on. 4th in scoring margin. 2nd in rushing by a team. 11th in rushing yards against. 14th in passing yards per game. 14th in passing yards allowed. Beechwood has Joe Colosimo the 13th leading rusher 1050 yards and 14th in scoring with 90 points. 11th passer in Matt Rigdon. 6th in team scoring. 14th in points scored against. 7th in victory margin. 4th in team rushing. 15th in rushing yards against. 10th in passing yards per game.
  10. I think Greenwood is the better team, but I think NC is playing good ball right now. I'll tkae the upset of NC in this one. NC by 10. Closer game than that though.
  11. Any win over a rival is a good win. Especially in this rivalry. Both programs really feed off this game and a win is huge. Every rivalry not matter the level is a win worth touting.
  12. I look for Holmes to just be more athletic and win this one based on that. EJ just can't atay with the for 4 quarters. Homes by 21.
  13. DeSales will win this one 24 and not really have to play that great to do so.
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