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  1. I don't even know if this information that he is in consideration is true or not. I believe Yeast is much more than just a name. He is a very good football coach. I did some research on what he has done as offensive coordinator at Franklin it is very impressive to say the least. His offense has been one of the best in D3 last 2 years. See for yourself. NCAA Statistics
  2. I have your answer...He defiantly did not coach at Danville. He coached his son in the little league system which was in the Danville Youth System. He did not apply for the Mercer job, has a very good situation and has no intention on leaving ohio to come back to Kentucky. Blame me for raising the question but I think we are beating a dead horse here. Just wanted to know what was going on and why he wasn't a person of interest considering he was from Harrodsburg. Regardless, he was a great player and by all accounts a very good football coach!
  3. Thanks for your insight Purple. I say you have a good point. Do you know the guy personally? I done a small bit of digging and stumbled on a somewhat friend of mine that coached with Yeast a few years back and they keep in touch often. I put in a call to him and he had some interesting things to say. He said those that do not know really know Craig have it all wrong about him. Said lots of people think they do but they don't. Said Yeast would love to go back home because that's where all his and his wife's family is but he did not apply for the Mercer job. Told me, Yeast went to coach college but if had to do over would have stayed at Bryan Station but that was the decision he made at the time. Said he left that program in MUCH better shape than the way he found it. Also said there was much more to it and stated you have to know the full story! Yeast has No intentions of ever leaving high school again to take a college job. High school is where he wants to be and will be until retirement. Said he loves where he is and having a ball coaching his son. Following him after he graduates is completely out of question. Where he is now he has lots of support from the administration, community, small college type facilities, and the competition is very high quality. Also Yeast has repeatedly made it very clear to him that his son and daughter who is in 7th grade will graduate from the same high school and there will be absolutely no exceptions! He added that his daughter won some kind indoor 200 meter track national championship. Lastly, he took his team to playoffs for first time in 5 years which making playoffs in Ohio is very difficult to do because you have to make it, 2nd place finish in their conference to a team that won the state championship, and said what Yeast considers to be most important,8 players signed to play college football. 5 of the 7 got D2 athletic scholarships. I thought this was some pretty good stuff that I thought I would share. I don't know much about the Mercer situation, wondering who they are going to hire and hope they get it right for their sake. Regardless of the situation or even the past, I would think Yeast would be a person of interest for Mercer. The guy has something about him that allows him to get the most out of his teams. That's my take on it. Good luck to Mercer I believe they are going to need it moving forward.
  4. Does anybody know what is going on at Mercer and why it is taking them so long to make a hire. It seems to me that Buchanan would be a very good hire for them but like someone else said, he hasn't said yes yet. It seems every time this job is open it's his to say no to. I am also glad to see Dennis Johnson get his opportunity at Woodford. He was a great player in high school and UK. Use to love watching the energy he played with. If he has the same enthusiasm as a coach, I believe he will do an excellent job there. Mercer would be tough for him being his first job for anybody. What I don't understand is why wouldn't they go after another Harrodsburg/Mercer County guy. For example, why would put some effort into trying to get a guy like Yeast to come back home. I hear he is pretty successful in Ohio and also hear his son is a really good sophomore with multiple DI offers and a very good baseball player. I am not sure but isn't his wife from Danville? I would think that he would know the community and the presence to build Mercer's program. Can anyone confirm any of the information?
  5. Heard Yeast my want to bring his family back home. I wonder if he would be considered. Also heard his son was starting WR/DB in competitive team in ohio.
  6. 1 Madison Central 1 PRP 1 Graves County 1 Hopkinsville 1 Montgomery County 1 John Hardin 1 Ballard 1 Knott Co Central 2 Madison Central 2 Hopkinsville 2 Montgomery County 2 Ballard 3 Madison Central 3 Ballard 5 Madison Central Tie Breaker: 141
  7. Greenwell has only played 16 games I think. Averaging 23 PPG Epps has played 30 games I think. Averaging 22 PPG on a undefeated team that wins by over 30 which means only plays 1/2-3/4 of the game Dow is a tremendous player-top 100 player in America. Goodin-Rogers is a player that is long and does all the little things that helps team win Total team player Brooks- Division 1 point guard going to Indiana. Very good player. Kentucky All-Star Team will be good. Congrats to all and you could make case for all but Epps wins because this is a year long award not career long award.
  8. KHSAA.org Official Records. May want Boone Co to fill out and turn in their records then Boone Co. will be on list.
  9. Coach Kays should have been named Coach of the Year. Only lost one game, this makes no sense. But Congrats to Coach Howell.
  10. MOST WINS - ALL-TIME Wins School (Years), Overall Record; 2011-12 Record 842 Marshall County (1979- ); 842-166; 27-9 735 Sacred Heart (1974- ); 735-393; 19-13 707 Marion County (1974- ); 707-343; 34-5 702 George Rogers Clark (1974- ), 702-N/A; 18-12 695 Leslie County (1974- ); 695-414; 17-13 675 West Carter (1974- ); 675-N/A; 7-20 656 Allen County-Scottsville (1974- ), 656-N/A; 18-12 654 Henderson County (1975- ); 654-NA; 25-4 594 Paris (1975- ), 594-499; 3-21 596 Hart County (1975- ) 596-436; 16-16 Trouble in the Future Huh? I am sure they will drop off tremendously from the past few years (who wouldn't?), found this and it is pretty interesting. Overall, they seem to win games over their history. Also, I think if they win region, it will be the schools 8th overall, 4th in a row in which NO TEAM in 5th region history has ever accomplished (BOYS OR GIRLS) Shouldn't be in too much trouble-Marion will still be top 5 in the 5th region, Larue County (which has never won a regional title in Girls) should be the favorite in 2014-they will have the best two players in region.
  11. I'm sure the committee will select the candidate they feel will be the best fit. At least I hope they get somebody that can relate to the kids and get the most out of them on the field and in school. I think Yeast and possibly Clevenger would be able to come in do that. I saw where some folks on here don't like that Yeast has been several places. That's part of coaching. Every time he's left was for a higher position. I think he was just a WR/Db coach at Lincoln, then moved up to OC at Marion, then Asst. Head Coach/OC at Washington, and got the Bryan Station head coaching job. Now hes at a college in Ohio coaching WRs. Can't fault the guy for that. I asked a buddy of mine that knows him pretty well and he said he's ready get somewhere and stay because of his kids.
  12. I do not think Yeast is interviewing for job. I would think that Clevenger is front runner. Perry is great coach but IMO, they need change.
  13. Anyone have any news? I heard Craig Yeast is very interested in job and wants to coach his through high school. Also heard his boy is a pretty good athlete in 8th grade right now.
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