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  1. Yesterday, at the Joe B. Hall classic, I spoke with a former coach from down in the mountains that had seen Owootoah, and watch Darion Burns (class of 2014) of Fleming Co. for the first time yesterday... He thought Owootoah was solid, but thought Burns was better right now...
  2. Fleming Co. vs. Madison Central at 5:00 Can someone post updated schedule
  3. Taking a few weeks off due to stress fracture in foot
  4. East Carter shoots 35 free throws to Fleming Co.'s 10:rolleyes:
  5. Did these kids have a bonafide address change, or is this an example of the KHSAA bending the rules yet again? How can the transfer be for any other reason but athletics? Rose Hill still has a team don't they?
  6. Montgomery didn't throw a freshman against Cabell Midland. Potter threw that game as well as the Harrison game. I don't know where the kid that threw for Harrison against Montgomery falls in there rotation, but I'm sure he's way down the line. So to imply that Montgomery is anywhere near the caliber team Harrison is based on this one games is ridiculous.
  7. Why would Clark go to the 16th, when they are less than 40 miles from almost all of the schools in the 11th.
  8. The single elimination format would be terrible for a 16 team tournament (How many single elimination baseball tournaments are you aware of, other than the one we use to crown a state champion?). I think leaving things the way they are, and taking the current state tournament structure to double elimination format would provide a much better solution.
  9. I can't argue with that, but you can't tell me the atmosphere, during the district tournament, in the Fieldhouse has been anywhere close to what it was before the Panthers were moved. At least with Fleming Co. in the 39th, there's a chance that Mason Co. gets a challange at the district level.
  10. What about moving Clark Co. to the 11th? I think this makes good sense when you compare them by enrollment and geographically with the other teams in the 11th. This would open up a slot in the 10th for Fleming Co. to move back in, and strenthen the 39th district. The 39th hasn't been the same since Fleming was moved to the 16th.
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