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  1. Granddaughter Sydney Moss started her first game at Florida and was named player of the game with 9 points, 9 assists, and 10 rebounds. New assist record for a freshman. Go girl!
  2. Yes, it is true. My daughter needs help with a lot of things and has a better chance in WV. Hate that Thad can't continue at BC but it has to be done. Hanging on. Weaker all the time.
  3. 1st Boone score Moss catch???? Got that feedback.
  4. Great sequence on Thad's catch. Thanks so much!
  5. Freshman Thad Moss had his first HS TD catch in this one, a 19-yarder, and BC had the game at 13-17 in the second quarter before Male went to the air (same old story - Boone can't defend the pass) to blow the game open.
  6. Thanks for the encouragement folks. And the prayers. Much appreciated.
  7. Just did a little research and found a number of 6A teams (not so many in NKY) with frosh players listed on their rosters. And a few of those are playing enough minutes to be showing up in the stats. So perhaps Moss playing isn't totally unusual. Perhaps these other schools also have cases where a younger player is the best option for them at a particular position. And that raises a reversal of the question being asked in this thread. Would all this discussion about Thad be going on if his name (and relationship) wasn't what it is? I would guess that it wouldn't. Food for thought.
  8. Thanks, all prayers appreciated! I'm Thad's grandfather and wishing I could be there (live in WV). I truly think he's playing because he's good enough and that the name has nothing to do with it. As I said earlier, occasionally that youngster comes along that can get it done and fits a need, thus plays where he might not normally.
  9. Fair enough. Gotta excuse me having a bit of an edge since I'm at home in hospice care, defiantly cheating the grim reaper and trying to whip him. This message board is a way to keep myself involved since I can't be there to see Thad play.
  10. I hear what you are saying but there are occasionally young players who are good enough to play up. And I agree FB is a tough one to do that because of the strength and maturity difference that comes from being in a program for a while. Sometimes it just works out that a young player fits in where there may not be a better suited/gifted/prepared upperclassman. I do know some Boone County supporters on here who watched Moss play up to the 9th grade team last year who thought he was good enough to play varsity, and I also know the BC coaches felt that way prior to the season.
  11. What a surprise that you would "wonder", based on what you've had to say so far! Where were you when his sister played up? It was pretty obvious she played because of her name rather than her talent. Right!!!
  12. I still think if you doubt Moss' hands you've missed a lot of his play. They are as good as anyone's around and better than most. That might not show right now with the issues (freshman plaing varsity, not in the best shape, home, etc.) he's facing but it will over time. I agree with your assessment about body type, at least to this degree,..............more like a tight end than a receiver. That body is evolving rapidly from what was a lineman's body but is certainly at the TE/DE stage now. He will never look like Randy but his uncle Eric was one fine HS TE at 6-5, 270#. Thad could get to that size but even at his current size will continue to develop and improve. He has really good feet as well as hands and may also develop at DE. I suspect some people do tire of a freshman being mentioned ahead of players who have been around longer but that's not his fault. He just wants to play and be judged on what he does. Tough to be the child of a name athlete but I expect Thad to handle it as well as his sister did.
  13. Now that is funny! He has great hands and anyone who says differently, even if they have "known him for years", hasn't paid much attention to detail. Don't know about him dropping passes right in his hands at Cooper game because I wasn't there but I have followed his career closely, have thrown the ball to him myself, have watched him play both FB and BB, and his hands are exceptional. He is not in shape right now because of paperwork eliminating equal practice with others and is a young 14-year old playing up to HS. Watch and see what he does if he stays in NKY.
  14. 34-0 early 4th. CC 5 TD passes, over 250 yards passing.
  15. 20-0 CC late in 3rd. Boone simply can't score with their offense.
  16. I expect he will see some time next game at DE. Not in top shape due to missed practice while getting paperwork cleared. Also will see more plays at TE. Initially was in on just certain plays but showed he could block and that earned him more time.
  17. Moss should be eligible tomorrow..............TE.
  18. The award was made as part of the ceremonies at the LaRosa’s High School Sports Hall of Fame banquet on Sunday afternoon.
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