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  1. Gover and Johnson both sick. Hopefully PC can be full strength(healthy) on Friday for southwestern.
  2. I truly hope that DJ is noticed by the right people. This is an outstanding young man. I have had the pleasure of seeing him play as a 5th grader on up. The steady and continual growth in his game is a by product of his hard work. Don't get me wrong he has God given talent but he has developed his talent by working harder than most anyone else. This kid could esily score 25 a game but is coachable and a leader so he does what is needed. Any college program will be better for having him on their squad. PS I still think that shot he hit late in the state Finals WAS a 3. Would have been called a game winner and been the stuff of legend.........
  3. Congratulations!!! Wishing you continued success at the next level Payton!
  4. Huh? I really don't understand your post.
  5. Coach Thacker will be missed. He chose to go to Rowan for his family and to be near his family. Link http://www.somerset-kentucky.com/archivesearch/local_story_140202421.html Rowan Co. has made a good hire. The new coach at Somerset, whether a familiar name or someone from outside the 12th region, deserves our total support.
  6. Linky? or was it something not on the net?
  7. Sorry I didn't see your response before my above post. Please read my above post. I think we actually are saying a lot of the same things. The Future program has been great. Imagine the Meece program without it. This is what I am talking about.
  8. I agree with your post. It is very well said. My point of emphasis is that the volunteer coaches have done the vast majority of the coaching and skill development of these talented young players..... Not actual school coaches and that is what this thread was about. The hiring of a new coach and staff. The success is good. It is my opinion the the success has been despite hired staff. It is a thankless job. I know that. Thank goodness for the knowledgable and hard working volunteer coaches that have given the children the opportunity to compete on a statewide basis and improve. They are to be commended. Townsend, Lynch, Gover, Speer these are the guys that have put their time and effort into the development of the kids. I wish for success of the Northern, Meece and Southern programs and Northern andd Southern have turned the corner I think. Pulaski county is a special place.... all three teams should be successful. Somerset will have an interesting transition. They have several kids 6th thru 9th that are special kids athletically and personally. They have good character and tremendous work habits as they come from good families. The Somerset program has an opportunity here and will make the most of it.
  9. If you think that the Meece program has developed those boys you are incorrect. The Meece program the last three years has been the keystone cops overall. Great talent put in their lap and with only one exception no instructional coaching to speak of. Teams that really should have lost one or two games losing many more. There is a school of thought that you put your second best coach in the program at the middle school level so that when they get to high school they are fundamentally sound. I subscribe to this. I have seen it work wonders over at southern middle the last two years as far as teaching their boys how to play. You are on the outside looking in.:thumb:
  10. BTW.. Does Chris Fitzgerald have a shot at the job? Skill development appears to be his strong suit and this is exactly what Somerset is in dire need of. He would be a good fit in that Somerset has kids that are currently not stars that at he varsity level with proper coaching could be big contributors. Without proper skill development they probably won't even play. :D
  11. Wow...just wow. Some of your points are spot but the rest...well... not so much. I would love to elaborate on my OPINIONS of the situation but need to stay nuetral. Been around this game a little while and SOME people have seen this train wreck coming a long time. While I wish Coach Thacker the absolute best, and there is good yet drastically underdeveloped talent in the school system it will take a magician to finish above .500 next year.
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