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  1. I have called Mike Listerman "coach" since the 70's. Had the pleasure of playing for coach in youth knothole, freshman and JV basketball (St. Thomas) and varsity basketball (Highlands). Would have loved for my sons to have played for him. I respect him as a coach, father and a man. Coach, I hope you are in good health! Enjoy your family, friends and retirement from coaching. You have had a positive impact on many young lives. You will be missed!
  2. Wasn't there a Blair Kiel that played at Notre Dame, any relation?
  3. :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:
  4. The "baby birds" played Cooper last night (50-0). I was suprised at the poor the field condition! I was expecting a new turf field.
  5. Harris scored the first td, Hergott the second
  6. I believe Hergott(19) ran the draw to score. Each team ran approx. 20 plays. Highlands moved the ball on the ground. 2(tds) Trinity scored both times in the air. The last play of the scrimmage to the 6'5 kid. I was told later that Trinity did not bring there frosh. the travel for a 20 min scrimmage, wasn't worth it. HHS frosh played Trinitys, JV, whic was probably their B team.
  7. I have heard the scrimmage may not start until 9 or 9:30.
  8. Their line right now is average height is 6 foot which is huge they might have the biggest line ever to come out with them the running and passing game will be unstoppable with Harris and Wrobleski in the back and Buten Hergott and Green at wide out with Nick True at TE.
  9. I've heard that Buten Hergott and Green have been doing a great job at wr during freshman practices right now at HHS. Who do you think will be the starters and their future outlook?
  10. Congrats Cam to you for all your hard work and your wonderful parents!!!
  11. This year I believe was Drew's first year at QB. He is somewhat undecided if he wants to play QB. He did a very nice job.
  12. If I'm not mistaken Shields did one of his best coaching jobs with the 79-80 team. I believe they lost in the regional final or sem-final.
  13. By question mark I mean no clear cut candidate. In the 09 class Bardo played QB from third grade through-out. Corey Dill also played some as a Freshman. The 07 class had Cecil and Draper who played QB all years of FTJFL. There hasn't been someone who has started every year at QB, having lots of experience, that you say "that's our guy" for what it's worth going into Freshman ball, that I'm aware of. There are several candidates, depending on who decides to come and who wants to play QB.
  14. To my knowledge there are 2 kids from Ft. Thomas who played for the Red Devils; Hergott, and Wrobleski. Scweitzer lives in the county and played as an 8th grader on the freshman team (defensive lineman award). They have indicated Harris, who was the RD's MVP, is very interested in coming to Highlands. This class should be "special" similiar to the 07 and 09 classes. I don't recall 2 8th grade players (due to size) playing up on the Freshman team and being valuable contributors in the years I've been around HHS. They will both be playing Freshman this year (True and Schweitzer). If everyone comes out this class will rival or have more size than any HHS team. As usual plenty of athletes. QB could be the biggest question mark.
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