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  1. Just my opinion but I can see your argument with GT. However, Miami was the biggest dissapointment of the year and Jacory Harris got worse each week of the season. From the outside looking in I don't think that he can handle success as a QB (i.e. his drop off throughout the season.) The kid seems to be more of a thug than a leader too (Calling out Tim Tebow on his personal life, really?!?). For Miami to come back around they need someone that is a level headed leader that they can depend on when the going gets tough. UNC didn't impress me at all throughout this year. I know they were better, but still far from great. Many of the games they won did not impress me and I don't see any amazing young athletes that appear ready to make an impact. Florida St started more sophomores than any other team in the ACC. They will have a years worth of starting experience under their belt that will pay off drastically in the season. Remember, the preseason rankings are based on potential and for most teams, not what your record was last year (So recruiting classes have a lot to do with it.)
  2. Most fun to watch: Outback bowl Most surprising: Papa Johns.com bowl (who saw that beat down coming?) One which brought me the most joy: BCS national title game. ROLL TIDE!
  3. Not much research into the recruiting classes yet on my part, but here is a rough top 10. 1. Alabama (Almost all player on offense back, defense will be the big question) 2. Ohio St. (Based on what they bring back from this year I tihnk they have to be ranked high to start off the year. I don't think they can run the table in the big ten though). 3. Va. Tech (If Tyrod Taylor can improve as a passer this team could make a run at the national title) 4. Oregon (With Masoli [sp?] coming back, they could be dangerous. They have to improve on defense in order to make a run at it though.) 5. LSU (Look for Jordan Jefferson to be much improved as a decision maker. The defense will be strong again as well. ) 6. Boise St. (Return 21 of 22 starters. Play Va Tech and Oregon St next year which should show us if they are for real. Playing more than one big game in the regular season will show us a lot as to how good this team really is compared to the rest of the country). 7. USC (Barkley will have some experience under his belt. Don't look for a PEte Caroll coached team to have two bad years in a row). 8. Texas (Getting experience in the national title game will pay huge dividends for the young QB that will be replacing McCoy. Look for Texas to be in th Big 12 Championship again). 9. Nebraska (The black shirt defense is back! Even though they lose the boy named Suh, this team will be improved on offense and will have a similar defense back next year that played so well in the second half of the season.) 10a. Florida St. (Time to see what Jimbo Fisher can do as a head coach. I think he will benefit from a great recruiting class that he supposedly has coming in. If Ponder can stay healthy this team will be in the mix for the ACC title.) 10b. Florida (hard to leave them out of the top 10 after being there for so long. Meyer has brought in some great talent in the last two years that has been waiting on this senior class to graduate. Look for the offense to be similar to that whicih Meyer had in place with Chris Leak and Alex Smith. No more superman will be a huge factor that will require Florida to use a more conventional running attack out of the spread. Look for the gators to be under center 20-25% of the time next year in order to replace the down hill running game that Tebow provided them with for four years. This team may still win the SEC East although a UGA team that had a lot of Freshmen and Sophomores starting this year will give them a run for their money.)
  4. If any coach deserves credit for being a great leader it is JB Donahue. In the middle of the year every Harlan parent/fan on this website, and in general, seemed to be second guessing what was going on with the team. Well, it is good to see that JB got something he deserved with this win. This win has been a long time coming for him and it couldn't have happened to a better person. I don't think this is the best team that he has ever went up against Pikeville with, but they are the only ones who got the job done when it mattered. I really think that the game against Hazard will be a lot closer than what is expected. Harlan has improved ten fold since that game earlier in the year. Good luck to the kids and Coach D!
  5. Wow. I was expecting KC to win this one, but not like this. What has happened to the Harlan team that looked as if it was much improved before the Hazard game this year, 68isaac? Who does it look like they are going to face in the playoffs?
  6. OUCH! Didn't see this one being this big of a blow out. Give Larkey a couple of more years thoough, he'll have Harlan Co. playing with Bell.
  7. Good to see that the management at Disney/ABC (Who own ESPN) only care about covering their own rear ends. Given, it was a dumb comment, but goodness this is harsh. Way to stand by your employees ESPN. I'd hate to see what would happen if one of them really did something bad, possibly a burning at the stake or the cat of nine tails.
  8. Look at Fowler whenever Corso says that, he almost falls out of his seat!
  9. About the helmet coming off, it happened during the play, after the Alabama player had picked up the football. Therefore, wouldn't it result in Alabama still having posession? Just wondering...?
  10. Nick Saban. He has proven that he has been able to resurrect the deep south's oldest power. I know a lot of people won't agree with this because they were a top 10 team coming in, but I am going to say that it is Nick because he has proven that last year wasn't a one time deal.
  11. Without a doubt, Billy Jack Haskins :banana::lol:
  12. Haha, oops. I would put them up there right under the BIG 12. That moves the Big East down to 11 in my rankings.:thumb:
  13. 1. SEC 2. ACC 3. BIG 12 4. PAC-10 5. Mountain West 6. 1-A Independents 7. OVC 8. WAC 9. MAC 10. Big East Just wanted to emphasize how bad I think the Big East really is....
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