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  1. Brandon Smith or Jeff Duggins at Boyle...hard to pick between these two. I'll keep it as a tie.
  2. ND is 4-8 or worse because of the though schedule and the poor play...but give them 2 years then they'll be back on top again.
  3. 1. LSU 2. Florida 3. South Carolina 4. Georgia 5. Alabama 6. Kentucky 7. Arkansas 8. Tennessee 9. Auburn 10. Vanderbilt 11. Miss. St. 12. Ole Miss Florida did dominate Tennessee but LSU looks very solid, tough to determine the number 1 at this point of the season. There's alot of football to be played but LSU wins it in my book.
  4. Should be a battle between these teams...lets' just hope it doesnt end up in a 7 overtime loss. UK wins this game in a close one. BTW I thought I heard that Monk and McFadden maybe not be playing this weekend because of injuries, so is there any truth to this or is it just a rumor?
  5. I noticed Florida travels to Baton Rouge to play LSU then they get to travel to Lexington to play the Cats...UF has got alot of talent but I honestly don't think they will go undefeated and that they will lose to a very talented LSU team, LSU however does go undefeated and they are my pick to win the BCS National Championship.
  6. Nothing going on here...O.J. is not coming to Lexington.
  7. Nebraska comes out rolling. Wake not enough in this matchup. 38-17
  8. 1. Kentucky 2. 2 3. No 4. 5 5. Passing 63 points
  9. Rebels may be too much for the Ads in this matchup. Boyle Co-38 Danville-27
  10. Henry Clay comes in a little slow, but rolls over Boyle County in the end...I love the boys in Black and Gold but you gotta be realistic. Henry is far more athletic, faster, bigger and stronger...Henry Clay is just an overall better team.
  11. UK wins by a large margin, i'll say 34 points so a score of 48-14.
  12. I say UK reaches the Final Four within the next 5 years no doubt...especially if Billy G. keeps at the pace that he is right now with the recruiting he's doing...however this will only happen of course if the man can coach like he recruits, he did do a good job at Texas A&M so lets just hopes he does a much better job with the Big Blue
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