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Roto Fantasy Baseball League

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I created a Roto League on ESPN for anyone interested. But first, I'll open up the spots to the members of the basketball league (though a couple of you I'd want to know how serious you were) as I've enjoyed playing with you all. So who wants in? Remember that a baseball season is VERY long, so serious managers only please.


It's a regular 5x5 league with a snake draft set for Monday, March 26th at 9pm.

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I changed my mind I will do it I guess. :irked: I think I got killed last time I played Roto in baseball.
So it will be about like basketball? :D














Just kidding. I think I've played h2h three times in baseball. Finished 1st, 3rd, and the third time was the first year of my big time keeper league. I stopped being active in the h2h and decided I wouldn't play it anymore. It's roto only for me and no more than three leagues. Preferably two though.

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