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Originally posted by ram95

Who is Daniel Carter Beard and what was his significance to Kentucky Outdoor history?


I know ............... he's that big yellow bridge connecting Cincinnati and Newport:D or he could be the founder of the Boy Scouts of America:confused: :kiss:

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Close enough, General Robert Baden Powell of the United Kingdom founded Scouting across the pond. William Boyce a business man helped to find his way thru foggy London by a british scout brought the idea over here and started the BSA. E.T. Seton a writer had already started a group like the scouts called the woodcraft Indians and had given Baden Powell a book he had written years before Powell had started scouting in britian. Seton thought that since much of Powell's program had come from his ideas he would just join his Woodcraft Indian boys with Powell's and Boyce's Scouts. Where does Dan Beard come into play you may ask? Well he to had founded a group called the sons of Daniel Boone here in Kentucky and Ohio years before Powell or Seton, when he embraced Powell's program he joined his groups and unit structures to the BSA. Together these three men would mold Scouting into the program which has taught millions of Young Americans a love of the outdoors.



The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001.


Beard, Daniel Carter



1850–1941, American illustrator and naturalist, b. Cincinnati, Ohio, studied at the Art Students League, New York City. He illustrated many books (among them the first edition of Mark Twain’s Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur’s Court) and taught animal drawing. He became interested in work for boys, and his best-known book, The American Boys’ Handy Book, was published in 1882. One of the founders (1910) of the Boy Scouts of America, he served for the remainder of his life as national scout commissioner. To boys all over the country he was known as Uncle Dan. Mt. Beard, adjoining Mt. McKinley, is named for him. In addition to many articles on woodcraft and nature study, Beard wrote Boy Pioneers and Sons of Daniel Boone (1909), American Boys’ Book of Wild Animals (1921), and Wisdom of the Woods (1927). 1

See his autobiography, Hardly a Man Is Now Alive (1939).

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