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2023 Player Spotlight/Interview with Damari Baker (Mari) from Saint Xavier High School

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Name Damari Baker (Mari)

School Louisville Saint Xavier High School

Class 2025

Positions played Center and Guard

How long have you played football, and what keeps you playing?
I've played for 10 years this season will make 11 What keeps me going is the people that I play with and there personalities.

What is the toughest part of playing on the offensive line?
Remembering to keep my hands inside when I am tied.

What are the two biggest things you feel you need to improve on to become an even better player?
Getting myself in better shape and being more and more consistent

What have been your favorite and least favorite memories as far as playing football goes?
Doing teams dinner every Thursday and when we lost to Male in the 2nd round of playoffs is my least favorite memory

What will you miss from the class of 2023?
The leadership.

What are your personal goals for the season as well as the biggest goal you have for your team?
To be in the best shape and make sure when I am playing give it my all no matter the circumstances one goal that I have for the team is they also give it their all no matter the situation or circumstances.

Who has been the best player you have ever faced, along with the team he played for as well as what made him so good?
My own teammate Micah Carter the reason that I say this is because he is really fast off the ball and he also knows when to use his hands at the appropriate time.

Do you feel that you and your teammates are role models to the kids who come and watch you play?
Yes In every aspect possible.

What type of weather is the hardest to play in?
When I was the center snapping the ball in the rain now IDK.

If you could pick one opponent to schedule for St. Xavier, who would it be and why?
Madisonville North Hopkins High School because I know some kids that go there and I think it would be really good competition.

Where is the best place in town to grab a bite?
Mack Bros BBQ

What is your favorite style of music, along with your favorite song, and who sings it?
There is a tie between gospel and country my favorite country song is “I love this bar” by Toby Keith and my favorite gospel song is “I’m Walking” by Donnie McClurkin

MMA or boxing?
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  • theguru changed the title to 2023 Player Spotlight/Interview with Damari Baker (Mari) from Saint Xavier High School
3 minutes ago, theguru said:

Since he knows some players there it makes sense to me.

I love when the players gives answers like this because the unexpected more times than not is so much better than the expected. Almost nobody could have guessed that, that would be the answer to that question.

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