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Central Florida 25 Cincinnati 21


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19 game conference winning streak comes to an end with a loss in Orlando. 

All around embarrassing performance. Players and coaches.  

Fickell needs to make some serious changes before the move to the Big 12 because Tressel and Gino aren't the answers.




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4 minutes ago, theguru said:

UC can be so fun yet so disappointing sometimes.

I agree, Walter, something needs to change at UC.  It is mostly the same thing every week only they didn't get the W this week. 

Playing against a back up QB and Tressel is still rushing 3 and using Ivan Pace as a spy. It makes zero sense. Especially on the UCF game winning drive.

Put pressure on Keene. He is no where close to being the running threat that Plumlee is. Keene had all day to throw and move the ball down the field on that last drive. 

And when it comes to Gino, UCF was bringing 8 every 3rd down and playing a cover 0 in the secondary.... Yet no screen or wheel route was called in those obvious situations. 

Bearcats can still make the CCG but will have to win out to do so. 

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7 minutes ago, 9068 said:

I think I see a couple candidates for those jobs lol. I thought they would be weaker this season. Can they finish 10-2?

Should beat Navy and Temple but East Carolina and Tulane will both be tough games... Especially if they play like they did today and no adjustments are made going forward.

ECU just beat UCF by 21 in Greenville last week then went and won at BYU Friday night.

Tulane is currently top 25 with a win over the same Kansas State team that blasted Oklahoma St today. 

Good thing both of those games are at Nippert because UC has looked bad on the road this year. 

A lot of issues with the oline as well. Returned all 5 starters but not getting push up front and seem to have regressed from last season. That is another area where fans are questioning the coaching. Lorenz Metz was an all conference guard last season and preseason this year but hasn't played much because the new OL coach doesn't like the idea of having a 6'9 guard. 

Losing Jake Renfro at center to a preseason injury has been a big loss as well.

This loss has probably been brewing for a few weeks. Hopefully Fick turns up the heat on his coordinators to make some changes.

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8 hours ago, gchs_uk9 said:

Can probably say goodbye to an NY6 bowl (likely the Cotton) after this loss. Would need to win out and probably have some help. 

An 11-2 finish would still get them the NY6 Cotton Bowl bid. My guess is they would be ranked somewhere in the 15-19 range in that scenario which will be higher than any other G5 champion. 



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