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Many of you have expressed an interest in sponsoring a scholarship(s) for students. In addition to the couple of entries we have in the football forum I have several football previews from students that are their entry. If all goes well I want to give everyone that enters at least a partial scholarship with all the good entries earning full rides. If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund you can do so by clicking on the below link that says make a donation. Or, you can always send the donation to:


BluegrassPreps.com LLC

PO Box 661

Union KY 41091


Thanks to everyone for your support.


Here is the how to on the scholarships:


BluegrassPreps is again taking scholarship applications. The same rules as usual apply:


The scholarships are for students (high school or college) that are NOT currently members of the site.


Those interested must submit an original photo of a current Kentucky High School basketball gym (inside of the gym, but bonus points will be given if you also submit a picture of the outside of the gym) and provide a brief history of the venue (such as who plays/played there, great games of the past, what makes it unique, etc.). The best entries will be awarded scholarships.


Entries should be sent to theguru@fuse.net


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Originally posted by crazyboy107

hey guru, i have a question, since i was paid for last december, when would I be eligible for a scholarship?

-the boy


There will be other chances in the future...

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Originally posted by theguru

Birdsfan has also stepped to the plate along with password and rockmom.


you know I would donate if i could guru... in a few years, once i get the money, this site will get some of it, I promise :D

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Originally posted by Admiral

Count me in as one, I thought you already knew G, sorry

I will be glad to sponsor 2 . Please write a 3 page essay on how cool the Admiral is and.. sorry I was joking:D


My email box is ready and waiting...:D

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