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  1. um, guru I think you forgot the 250 dollar moderator initiation fee? Is that still there. -the boy j/k of course
  2. you know I would donate if i could guru... in a few years, once i get the money, this site will get some of it, I promise
  3. hey guru, i have a question, since i was paid for last december, when would I be eligible for a scholarship? -the boy
  4. Now hold on just a minute, are you calling me a real piece of work? GO BROWNS!!!! -The boy
  5. HEY, now i take that offensively :fight: whats wrong with being an ohio boy! i think some of the other ohioans on this site wouldn't like that too much either, and like ccmom said, once you cross that river, You are in ohio baby, and whats wrong with that :D:D! -The boy
  6. Ha, i think your the one smokin' twinkies!:D -The boy
  7. lol, great choices for those positions :lol::lol::lol: but what about the time around October 2002, when a crazy young boy came along and changed the site forever, well, sure i exaggerated a little bit , but hey, then again movies do exaggerate :D:D -The boy
  8. e-mail it to me, and i'll fix it all nice and pretty for you. -The boy notredame2011@aol.com
  9. yes, and you cam e-mail me too at notredame2011@aol.com and i'll resize it for you. -The boy
  10. hey theguru, what special features will be in this forum, and can only paid members view it or something? -The boy
  11. one reason that i like fishing better is because you can just relax in a boat and just let your bait float around in the water, and maybe if something bites, have a little fun -The boy
  12. loved the picture, hope OB survives the whipping, lol -The boy
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