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  1. Spelling will not do you in. Things like " they is the bes runing team and sometim the thow the ball when theys ned to" will do you in.
  2. Before Scribe's numbers came up I was ready to concede that 2A was overall better than 1A based on studying the Massey ratings but......................then I saw that the Campbell Co Camels (no offense cc mom) were ranked 128 out of 216 with an 0-10 record and closest loss being 15 points. Heck, it even had them better than 10 teams in 4A. Anyway, after Scribe's numbers I will concede that a 1 year aberation occurred in 2002 and 2A was OVERALL better than 1A. (Remember the Florida Marlins were once good too.) I fully expect the karma to right itself in 2003 and 1A will once again ascend to its rightful throne.
  3. As a Beechie follower out of necessity lets review and I will point out where Beechwood improved. Forget the opener against the out of state team because no one knows if that win meant anything. Thumped by Lloyd in a game that Lloyd played very well after starting the season a little rough. Step backward. Beating Holmes was a step forward as Beechwood had lost to them the year before. Losing to Highlands 27-6 was a side step as the Beechies moved the ball well especially on first down but turned it over at critical times. Beating Simon Kenton was a side step because it was struggle although SK was the type of team that played a lot of good teams close. To me the turning point came in the second half of the Holy Cross game. Holy Cross wasn't a bad team and had fallen behind NewCath early when getting beat by them. Against Beechwood they led 8-7 until just prior to the half. From that point on Beechwood went on a massive 34-0 run. After that turnaround the Beechies buzzed through Dayton, Bellevue by large margins. That set up the district showdown with NewCath. The Beechwood offense did enough and the defense played a steller game in shutting out NewCath 20-0. (Remember NewCath had defeated Lloyd 28-21 and then Lloyd whipped Beechwood ). After that it was a rip thru Fairview, another pasting of Holy cross in terrible weather, and another 20-0 against NewCath and then a 37-14 thumping of a good Middlesboro team. The run ended with the 14-7 loss to Mayfield on the carpet. To me the key was the defensive turnaround from the beginning of the season.
  4. West, Maybe I'm not following this part but aren't you missing the whole Beechwood, LLoyd, NewCath, head to head/ common opponents?
  5. How could it be subjective if we are talking about real games that were actually played? Maybe some of games involved teams at the bottom of both classes....then we could see which class was better from 30 on down. Maybe some of the games involved teams in the top 15 of both classes....then we could determine which class was better at the top. Maybe almost all the games were terrible 2A teams against terrible 1A teams.....then at least we will know what the head to head games results show us.
  6. So the actual results and scores of what 2A teams played what 1A teams doesn't matter????
  7. Looking at last year's schedules of every Kentucky school, Class 2A owned a 36-35 record over Class A teams. Give me a list of every one those games and I will tell you if 2A is better than 1A. Otherwise I cannot say for certain one way or the other. And tell me what you mean by "Better". All 54 teams together, the Top 20 in each class, the Top 10????
  8. The analysis only becomes more accurate if the larger sample is RANDOM which 2A games against selected opposition is not. My two team example could be expanded to 10 teams and support my 2A dominant over 4A example even more because we are dealing with a very select number of games. If the Top 10 teams in 2A play the bottom 10 in 1A and go 10-0 it reveals nothing about 2A. If the Bottom 10 teams in 2A play the Top 10 teams in 4A and go 0-10 it reveals nothing about 2A. The above games would have no meaning on the Top 10 of 2A playing the Top 10 of 1A or 3A 0r 4A.
  9. My last attempt at proving that the won-loss record means nothing. This coming season lets say I am predicting the following and it happens: 2A Lloyd will defeat 2A Newport. In non-district games scheduled as of now I predict: 2A Lloyd will lose to 1A Beechwood 2A Lloyd will lose to 1A NewCath 2A Lloyd will lose to 4A Dixie 2A Lloyd will beat 4A Simon Kenton 2A Lloyd will beat 4A Scott 2A Lloyd will lose to 3A Mason Co. Record vs 1A = 0-2 Record vs 3A = 0-1 Record vs 4A = 2-1 2A Newport will lose to 1A NewCath 2A Newport will beat 1A Dayton 2A Newport will beat 1A Bellevue 2A Newport will beat 1A Frankfort Record vs 1A = 3-1 Overall 2A record versus 1A = 3-3 Overall 2A record versus 3A = 0-1 Overall 2A record versus 4A = 2-1 Now do you think these 2A teams have demonstrated a superiority over 4A? Do you think 3A is clearly better than 2A? Do you think 1A and 2A are dead even? The won loss records would prove it, correct? And how could a 2-4 Lloyd knock off a 3-1 Newport in 2A action? It all comes down to who has played who.
  10. It all comes down to who played who. Last year if I go watch NewCath beat 2A Lloyd and 2A Newport and 4A Campbell County but get thumped by 3A CovCath the numbers say 3A is clearly the superior class. Now substitute 3A Scott for CovCath and 4A Trinity for Campbell County. Think 3A would still be the superior class?
  11. That's just it ....the numbers do not clearly show superior teams in 2A.
  12. Comparing stats of teams that have no common opposition has major flaws. Two years ago a Paintsville team had mind boggling per game passing stats going into the playoffs and I ended up waching them throw more INTs than completions in the game and a first half running clock playoff loss. The next year Raceland had the huge, huge passing stats and that game was over at halftime too with them having 0 points. Were those teams bad teams? No. Were they good teams? No. They were average teams that excelled at moving the football against opposition of lesser ability thereby compiling huge stats. Again think of your arguments in terms of college football. If a MAC team (let's say Ohio U.) averages 45 points a game throwing the football 50 times and is 10-0 in the MAC would you really want to predict the outcome of a bowl game against Ohio State based on the Buckeyes being 8-2 and only avg. 29 points a game against Big Ten competition? We can give an educated belief based on ALL the data available but it is still just a belief. Half the fun is we will never know.
  13. For what it is worth Lloyd was beaten by NewCath in the opening game last year and then NewCath did not score a point against Beechwood. Top 5 = Edge 1A Top 10 = Edge Even Top 20 = Edge 2A Top 30 = Edge 2A Other 20 = Do you really care?
  14. Could be but remeber the 9th has so many more teams than the other regions. There are 4 and 5 team regions that play Thursday, Friday, and Saturday instead of Monday through Saturday. Plus you can get some mis-matches with the blind draw which doesn't help.
  15. Wildcat, Two years ago there were 42 people there at the start of a first round game. On Monday this year there were decent crowds but not really what I would call good crowds for the schools involved. If the crowds were good for Tuesday night thats great. I would expect the best crowds thus far of the tourney tonight with the schools with the three largest fan bases playing plus the "home" team. It is not about the kids and how hard they work or the coaches. They all work hard and play hard. What I'm saying is take the large schools like St. Henry, Lloyd, and Newport out and it weakens the field and the whole tournament. If you want to go farther and take out Holy Cross and NewCath (which are A schools in football) so that someone else can win it weakens the tournament even more. It becomes a question of how "low" do you go for enrollment. Yes, the smaller schools do not have much of a chance to win the 9th region All-A. But do you or the schools involved want, in essense, a Division III tournament? The teams are already complaining about having to play each other twice a year now as it is. By the way, don't forget about the girls side of it too as they are 50% of whatever we are discussing here. The money game was the final on Saturday night with a packed gym. If you eliminate those two schools and replace them with others that most likely would not have happened.
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