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Buzz Williams Teaches Team The Significance Of The National Anthem


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I've defended Buzz on this site many times, and I'll continue to fly his flag. I got to know Buzz because Xavier and Marquette tussled several times before they were in the same league, and then they (Marquette) were great about welcoming Xavier to the Big East and was around him several times in many different situations...and he was always the most humble, engaging, and genuine guy amongst the coaching lot. He is feisty in-game, but I love how much he cares for his kids, and no matter what Wojo accomplishes in Milwaukee, I can promise you Marquette lost more than they gained when they shoved Buzz to Blacksburg.


I would take Buzz over Greg McDermott 100 times out of a 100. Maybe more.

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I have always liked Buzz Williams, so this makes me like him just a little more.


I get to see about 100 National Anthems a year between working Reds games and coaching. Sometimes I have to remind myself of what we are doing in that moment when I want to get my money in order or find a good setup spot for when it's over. But then the little voice in my head reminds me to get my priorities together.


Thanks for sharing.

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