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2003 Results

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Actually, it's a little deceiving, and I don't mean to deceive. One of the kids will be attempting to walk on at Auburn, and another is an invited (also referred to as preferred) walk on at Ohio U. And I am sure there will be more of those when the rest of the 60 decide where to go.


I just got 5 more tonight. Current count...


60 seniors

33 committed to various colleges

13 - DI

8 - DII

8 - DIII

4 - NAIA

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If you look at my client list...

(http://www.nsr-inc.com/tgreco/local_athletes.htm), you will see that there is representation from MANY different high schools, and almost all of them in Northern KY. But from 1 team, that's hard to say. I have helped 2 kids from Mason's (OH) baseball team, 2 kids from Kings (OH) football team. I am currently helping 3 kids from one of the best club soccer teams in the area (Kolping Raiders), I have 3 kids from one of the best HS soccer teams (Boone County) in NKY, I have 4 kids from one of the best summer baseball teams (Cincinnati Sharks) at the 17 year old (junior) level.


Keep in mind that I do not want tons of kids from any given HS team, because any given HS team (any sport) will only have a few kids who can legitimately play at the college level.

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