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  1. I also had the same experience. Both of my sons were blessed enough to play in the all star game '05 and '07. When my oldest came home with all of the stickers on his helmet I was "quite upset" but after thinking about it and talking to my son about the experience I realized just how cool it was. My son told me "anybody can buy their helmet but you have to earn the stickers of the teams you played with on the all star team" I guess that puts it all into perspective.:thumb:
  2. I'm pretty sure you've go Lloyd correct. I know one of them is 100% correct;) :sssh:
  3. Should be some pretty stiff competition. Good luck to all the teams that made it. BTW Andtheheadcoach...LOVE the avatar!
  4. Is this for real? I just spoke to Mac last week and he didnt say a word. That dog. I'd love to see him back on the sidelines as I'm sure so would a lot of others.
  5. With the talent returning, motivation and a new enthuasim will take them far!
  6. They better get off the pot and make a decision!
  7. Rings should be for the state champs! When Lloyd went to the state semi's in 2003 the team got jackets with "Regional Champs" on them because thats all they won. there was no mention of losing the semi-final game.
  8. All three of my children have "late" birthdays as do I. My birthday is the end of Oct. I was 17 at graduation. In a way it was nice because I had an extra year after high school to figgure out what I wanted to do with my life. In the down side I was one of the youngest in my class and in some ways not as mature as my classmates. My children (2 with early to mid Oct. and 1 with a mid Dec. birthdays) all started school late. I believe that they are better prepared emotionally that I was. My intention was never to gain an atheletic edge with them but it certainly didnt hurt. My oldest was a three year starter in football. My middle son played freshman football as an eighth grader. Now my daughter is on Lloyds softball team as a 7th grader. (doubt she will see the field much but she did make the team) Kids are faced with a lot of tough decisions today and I'm glad mine have that extra year of emotional development to help them. After my oldest sons senior football season was over he discovered that technically he had a year of varsity elligability left. He asked me if he could repeat his senior year! I told him that if he "tanked" his grades for that I would kill him and there would not be a piece big enough to put a uniform on!
  9. Quite simply, Coach 'Hoff IS Lloyd football!:thumb:
  10. From what I have heard, and I have NOT spoken to Coach French personally, is that he and the AD had words about the freshmen staff last season. Apparently this lead to their parting of the ways so to speak. I haven’t heard if Coach Yeagle had anything to do with this. I can’t imagine releasing a staff that has accomplished what Coach French and his crew have. I’ve known and coached with Dave French for over 14 years. He took a program that was a laughing stock and turned it into a solid, year-in year-out competitor. Coach French was not a teacher. In fact, none of the freshmen coaches last year were. Maybe that has something to do with it.
  11. The only other info I have is that Ben Nevels and Bill Pillgram will be coaching the Freshman Juggs this year. Both have been on the varsity staff for the last three or four years.
  12. Does anyone know if anyone off of last years staff besides Lucas were asked to stay on?
  13. I know I had a Kate Hobbs for a teacher. She was one of the Long's. How old is Tim?
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