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BGP Fantasy Football League 2015 ~ Pre-Season Chatter & Trash Talk


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Team Key


National Conference


Auxier RiverRats * - Auxier RiverRat

Boyle County Killa Bees - PurplePride92

Brush Creek Rusty Ankles - halfback20

Florence Fighters * - MJAlltheWay24

Ga. St. Prison Mean Machine ** - NamecipS

Grant Green Thumbers - plantmanky

Huggs Thuggs * - gametime

Kalamazoo Wings - LC99

Latonia Thoroughbreds - statman

NKY Cardinals ® - Capernicus41

Northern Kentucky Colonels - RondoRules

Possum Trot WarHogs - The Scribe

Shelby Valley Night Hawks - SVFan4life

Stanton Bums - ekubum

Sunfish SubVet - Godot

West Kentucky Rams - sweet16



American Conference

Atwood Fighting' Amish * - NEERFAN

Beantown Deflators * - UKMustangFan

Big Creek Moonshiners - Da champ

Bushwood Country Club Gophers - AverageJoesGym

Hebron Hobbos - Jumpman4004

Jabez Sasquatch - Jumper_Dad

Johnsville Riverhawks - LCDAWGS19

Jungle Junkies - HammerTime

Los Pollos Hermanos ® - cowboy90

Mauk Ridge Maniacs - Wildcat Dad

Maysville Mud Hens - TTS_JF

Maysville Split Ends - sumoroyal

Ocala Possums ® - gamebreaker

Sawville Gym Shoes - Jim Schue

Shelby Cardinals - tdouth1979

West Paducah Rabbit Fists * - 00Rocket28

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Team Key by Member Name

National Conference

Auxier RiverRat - Auxier RiverRats *

Capernicus41 - NKY Cardinals ®

ekubum - Stanton Bums

gametime - Huggs Thuggs *

Godot - Sunfish SubVet

halfback20 - Brush Creek Rusty Ankles

LC99 - Kalamazoo Wings

MJAlltheWay24 - Florence Fighters *

NamecipS - Ga. St. Prison Mean Machine **

plantmanky - Grant Green Thumbers

PurplePride92 - Boyle County Killa Bees

RondoRules - Northern Kentucky Colonels

statman - Latonia Thoroughbreds

SVFan4life - Shelby Valley Night Hawks

sweet16 - West Kentucky Rams

The Scribe - Possum Trot WarHogs


American Conference

00Rocket28 - West Paducah Rabbit Fists *

AverageJoesGym - Bushwood Country Club Gophers

cowboy90 - Los Pollos Hermanos ®

Da champ - Big Creek Moonshiners

gamebreaker - Ocala Possums ®

HammerTime - Jungle Junkies

Jim Schue - Sawville Gym Shoes

Jumper_Dad - Jabez Sasquatch

Jumpman4004 - Hebron Hobbos

LCDAWGS19 - Johnsville Riverhawks

NEERFAN - Atwood Fighting' Amish *

sumoroyal - Maysville Split Ends

tdouth1979 - Shelby Cardinals

TTS_JF - Maysville Mud Hens

UKMustangFan - Beantown Deflators *

Wildcat Dad - Mauk Ridge Maniacs

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When can we add/drop?
I have to wait until both drafts are over to be able to open up adding and dropping. It will start about 48 hours after the American draft is over. I will set a date and time and post it when I have an idea when.
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As if we didnt already know this.....



"Coach 00Rocket28 had a poor draft in the recent 2015 BGP Fantasy Football League - 2015 draft. Their West Paducah Rabbit Fists * franchise came away feeling dejected about their bottom grade in the league based on analysis by MyFantasyLeague.com.


West Paducah Rabbit Fists * made their best pick of the draft in round 4, selecting Andre Johnson with the 62nd pick of the draft, as compared to the 44th spot he should have been selected in, according to ADP rankings. "He brings a lot to the table," West Paducah Rabbit Fists * coach 00Rocket28 said.


West Paducah Rabbit Fists * has the dubious distinction of making the worst pick of the entire draft, selecting Arian Foster in round 2 with the 17th pick of the draft, long before the 72nd spot he should have been selected in, according to ADP rankings. "He's a project," West Paducah Rabbit Fists * coach 00Rocket28 said.


Starting in week 7, West Paducah Rabbit Fists * won't be able to submit a full lineup, due to having 1 defensive team on bye.


West Paducah Rabbit Fists * took a chance on the first rookie in the 2015 draft by selecting Melvin Gordon in round 3 of this year's draft.


After such a pathetic draft grade, coach 00Rocket28 is motivated to prove to the league that their picks will overachieve and bring home the trophy.""

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