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NKY 2015 MS Football Week 3


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Thursday, August 27


Games at Ludlow


Bracken vs Ludlow 7:30 pm

Brossart vs Beechwood 6:00 pm


Saturday, August 29


Games at Woodland


Summit View vs Turkeyfoot 10:30 am

Twenhofel vs Woodland 12:00 pm


Games at Sharp (Pendleton County)

Newport Catholic vs Holmes (7th) 10:00 am

Walton vs Sharp (Pendleton County) 11:30 am

Newport vs Tichenor 1:00 pm



Campbell Co (8th)

Campbell Co (7th)

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There isnt a Twenhofel 7th to my knowledge.


Right before the start of the season, Twenhofel decided they would not be able to field a 7th grade team this year. So the scheduled 9am game between Campbell 7th and Twenhofel 7th is now a JV game between the two teams.

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They probably have 45 plus kids??? Same with Twenhofel, not sure why you would combine with those numbers and make kids sit the sidelines?


Campbell still has a 7th grade team. Only Twenhofel dropped their 7th grade team this year. I'm not 100% sure why, but there are reasons why that might make sense. It you have mostly an 8th grade team, say with 30 8th graders, 45 kids isn't enough to field two teams. It's kind of a moot point anyway, since all the large schools have a JV team where those younger kids can get some playing time. Turkeyfoot has traditionally had a 7th grade team as well, but they too dropped it, although they dropped theirs well before the season started. Playing as a JV team as opposed to a 7th grade only team allows you to get 8th graders that aren't starters some playing time at a level that better suits their skills. You wouldn't believe the number of first year 8th grade kids these teams have come out. JV is a better fit for those kids, and the 7th graders still get a chance to play too. Also, think about the coaches. Having An 8th grade, 7th grade, and JV team would be a real grind for the coaching staff, which is usually already stretched thin at the middle school level.

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Right now in the large school it would have to be Summit View. The SV vs TF game was really good. Turkeyfoot is a close 2nd. Woodland has a good squad. I think Campbell County with a healthy 44 is a scary team in the playoffs. Twenhofel just isn't the same team without their QB. I have seen all of the teams play and that's the way I would rank them.


I haven't seen any of the Middle and Small schools play.

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