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Raceland Rams cage the Lewis County Lions 47 to 12

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Watching these two warm u I had the feeling the game was going to be bad, very bad and the Rams proved this to be true, with 26 first quarter points.


I.M.O. the work of the defensive line was the huge difference in this one as they dominated play. The Rams offensive line was very impressive too.


The Rams defense was very stout in all areas. The offense for the most part was able to do what they want, in a large part because it was so diverse. This is what separates the Rams from most of the schools I watched this weekend. They, like Russell has a passing game to go along with a running game. Many of the other schools this weekend had zero threat of a passing game.


The Lions were another one of the lesser teams this weekends that seem to have a great bunch of young men, who did not seem to know what the word quit was. They, from where I was setting seem to give 100% effort the entire game even when their offense to move the ball on the ground. They only passed the ball five times, with one completion. Before anyone gets on the QB, I think you should stop and think how hard it is to complete a pass, with almost no protection and only one, maybe two rec going out for passes.


Now to the Rams dominating performance.


The first Ram score happened at the 8:33 mark of the opening quarter. I was taking pics(there is a thread with a link to all pics taken this weekend for all five games)The drive went for fifty-five-yards and lasted seven plays. The point after kick was made by #2 0 to make it a,7-0 contest.


At the 8:03 mark #1 2 for the Rams got to the Lions ball carrier for a three-yard loss.

Then with 7:35 left #54 for Raceland got to #1 0 for a eight-yard sack.


The Rams offense begin working again and on the fifth play of the drive #1 1 walked in from four-yards out, as his line opened up a huge hole. #60 had his point after block,keeping the score at,13-0.


The Rams defense shut down the running attack from the lions easily getting the ball back for the powerful offense. The offense needed only three plays to drive twenty-three-yards for another score. The scoring play was pass by #2 to #3 for twenty-three-yards. #2 0 made it, 20-0 with his kick.



The long day got longer for the Lions when a punt attempt was botched, giving the Rams the ball at the Lions one. From there #3 3 walked in for the score. #60 saw his kick come up short,26-0 Rams, with 1:40 left in the first.


The Rams defense would score just .11 second into the 2nd quarter, when #1 1 picked of a throw by #1 0 of the Lions. #2 0 made it a,33-0 game.


Most of the rest of the quarter was the defenses stopping the offenses.

Though with 0.1 left in the quarter #2 threw a deep ball that the Lions tipped and # 11 for the Rams caught it for a forty-yard score. #60 made it.40-0, with his kick.


The Lions #87 took the ensuing kickoff to the house to stun the crowd and the Rams.#7 had his kick blocked by #54 , but a penalty on the Rams gave #7 another chance. He would miss the kick leaving the score,.40-6.


Defense for the Rams got a nice play from #1 2 and #3 3, when they got to #3 3 for the Lions for a short loss forcing a punt. I think it was third and 17 and the play was basically a run up the gut, with 10:21 left in the game.


At the 7:37 mark #2 4 made a great catch as he was falling down good for a thirty-seven-yard gain. Just twelve seconds later #1 from Raceland walked in from a yard out. #2 0 made it,47-6, with his kick.


The Lions would score on a one-play-eleven-yard drive, with 1:01 left. The score came from #1 1 . #7 had his kicked blocked and the score stayed at,47-12.


On the ensuing kickoff #81 from Lewis laid one of the hardest hits of the day on #3 1 of the rams.


Most will look at the score and never know how hard the Lions played even when they had to know deep down inside this game was over. The young men from Lewis showed a lot of grit under the conditions they were in or put in depending how you want to look at it.







PASSING 15-20 2 TD'S





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